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One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective. Election and power are. –Cal Thomas.

As a political writer, I’ve always found voluntary humiliation in the political world fascinating to witness. The men and women who enter politics are often contradictory, hypocritical and inconsistent. But that is to be expected given the vast amounts of money involved in politics. However, there comes a time when political calculations go to the core of a person, their character and the content of their soul. 

Donald Trump has made a sport out of humiliating his political opponents, a list of which is growing longer by the day. They have sacrificed their integrity to align with Trump, and put political ambition ahead of their own dignity. 

Many of us remember Mitt Romney going after Donald Trump in a speech by calling him an unfit imbecile. Months later, Romney was seen having dinner with Trump, making a pitch for the Secretary of State position. After dangling the position in front of him Trump ultimately gave the position to Rex Tillerson because Romney wouldn’t apologize to him. The public humiliation effectively ended Romney’s political career and we haven’t heard a peep from him since.

Chris Christie quickly saw his once promising political career descend into scandal, historic unpopularity in New Jersey and his presidential aspirations get flushed down the political toilet. In response, Christie strongly aligned himself with Donald Trump and it backfired in embarrassing fashion. Christie was on the end of Trump’s fat jokes,, humiliated with unusual demands and kicked off the transition committee. (Only an ambitious fool would actually think you could arrest the father of Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner and not anticipate political vengeance if the opportunity presented itself.)

Senator Ted Cruz during his Republican presidential run listened to Donald Trump insult his wife and father with language that crossed many, many lines. But Trump’s attacks on Cruz’s family was not enough for him to withdraw his support for Trump, and Cruz stood by the president despite the emasculating humiliation, ostensibly for some political payoff down the line

The draft dodging Trump attempted to smear Senator John McCain, a prisoner of war who was tortured for years in Vietnam, going as far as to ridicule his heroism. McCain’s muted response was disappointing to say the least, and “The Maverick” has lost much of his stature in the eyes of the public.

Senator Marco Rubio, who once called Donald Trump a con-man, was reduced to new levels of embarrassment as he allowed himself to engage in penis size discussions on the national stage with Trump. After his crushing defeat in the presidential primary, Rubio stated he would retire from the Senate at the end of 2016. Unsurprisingly, Rubio was not being honest and cynically used the Orlando tragedy as the reason why he decided to run for Senate again, riding the con-man’s coattails to another victory. Since being in office, Rubio has been a reliable vote for anything Trump wants to do thus far.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have been negligent in protecting democracy and holding Donald Trump accountable for his daily disregard for the constitution and democratic institutions. The Russian scandal is the latest example in their refusal to seek truth on behalf of America and its ideals, and their inaction speaks volumes about their lack of character and unwillingness to stand up to Trump.

Kellyanne Conway, once known in some circles as a respectable Republican pollster, has become a vile, pathological liar who has destroyed her own credibility.

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer had a background in public relations before he decided to join the Trump administration. While in this position, Spicer helped Saturday Night Live regain comedic relevance with their humorous depictions of his temper, lies and incoherence. Sean Spicer also had to deal with constant rumors of unhappiness from his boss until he was fired.

H.R. McMaster forever damaged his reputation by trying to cover up Donald Trump’s unforgivable act of revealing classified information to the Russians. Now if recent rumors are true, McMaster is finding himself on the receiving end of smears and attacks with the hope of pushing him out.

Anthony Scaramucci, once a harsh critic of Donald Trump, convinced Trump to hire him as white house communications director. In the process, Scaramucci did an interview with the New Yorker expressing his infatuation with male genitalia and hatred for then Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and was unceremoniously fired after only a week and a half on the job. Scaramucci reportedly missed the birth of his son to be at a Trump event and his wife also filed for divorce.

The former Republican National Chairman Preibus, was also reported to be under constant scrutiny, shamed and ridiculed before he was fired.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest Republican being tormented by Donald Trump (Sessions thus far is tolerating the humiliation because he is committed to executing his white supremacist agenda at the Department of Justice)

The trail of Republicans enlisting themselves for some form of humiliation and disgrace by the president gets longer and longer every day. As Trump remains in office, it leaves us with the inevitable question: Who is next?