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The only people who aren't completely disposable to Donald Trump are his kids. Everyone else might as well have a "sell by" date on their foreheads. Don't get me wrong -- I'm not complaining. It doesn't require all that much research to learn how Trump makes allies then stabs them in the back. Just ask his myriad subcontractors who thought they were entering into the deal of a lifetime only to be summarily dicked out of being paid. Not for nothing, but Trump has confessed to stiffing his people, which raises an important question: why do people still agree to work for him?

Who the hell knows. Brush with celebrity, maybe?

Trump's west wing staffers are rapidly discovering -- too late -- the style for which their boss has been famous since the 1980s. Again, you shouldn't feel sorry for any of them. They're adults with internet access and they should've known they were welcoming legal jeopardy and career suicide by joining the Trump team. Notice, too, all of the prospective nominees who've declined the White House's offers to serve. They're clearly much smarter than the others who've permanently attached their names to, hands down, the worst president in American history -- a traitor and global laughing stock whose only supporters are poorly-educated cultists who've been systematically brainwashed by the conservative entertainment complex. 

So far, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus and Anthony Scaramucci, to name a few, have willingly stepped face-first into the Trump propeller. Jeff Sessions just barely escaped being julienned, simply because he refused to accept Trump's mandate to squelch the Trump-Russia investigation.

And then there are Trump's generals. The word is that they had no choice but to obey the orders from their commander-in-chief. We're talking about Secretary Mattis, chief of staff John Kelly and H.R. McMaster. It's unclear whether they possessed the latitude to decline Trump's employment offers, but if they were compelled to take up their current gigs in the Trump administration, perhaps some sympathy is in order. Or not. 

Either way, it looks like H.R. McMaster, Trump's National Security Adviser, is next on the chopping block. Not surprising, of course. Word is that Trump is unhappy with McMaster regarding Afghanistan, as well as the firing of Ezra Cohen-Watnick, and who knows what else. So, the White House is engaged in a not-so-quiet effort to push McMaster out by engaging in a nefarious smear campaign, which will likely be followed by his resignation.

CNN reports:

Some right-wing media outlets this week began a sustained attack on McMaster after he removed a top intelligence adviser, seen as a continuation of his effort to purge acolytes of his predecessor, Gen. Michael Flynn, from the National Security Council.

Some conservatives also raised objections to his decision earlier this year to extend a security clearance for Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's final national security adviser who has been accused by some conservatives of mishandling classified information involving Trump campaign associates.

A senior administration official said Thursday that McMaster has written letters to all past national security advisers -- including Rice -- extending their security clearances. The official characterized the letters as a pro-forma move that allows the former advisers to participate in administration discussions about national security matters that originated under their tenure.

Meanwhile, the alt-right has joined the smear campaign.

“MCMASTER PURGES NSC STAFFER FOR WARNING OF ISLAMIST-LEFTIST THREAT,” conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich tweeted on Wednesday, before proceeding on a tirade about the national security adviser.

Cernovich subsequently claimed that McMaster had “been leaking information to David Petraeus” and “had direct contact with George Soros.” Those claims, plus at least a dozen more, were all published on, a website Cernovich created. The site features an anti-Semitic illustration of Soros and McMaster by right-wing cartoonist Ben Garrison, according to Newsweek.

So, yeah. They're linking McMaster to two longtime enemies: Susan Rice and George Soros. Clever... and original. 

On top of all that, it looks like Trump is getting the 2016 band back together on this front. Yes, Trump is getting help from the Russians. Shocker, I know. It seems the alleged criminal conspiracy between the Trump White House and Russia appears to be continuing in earnest. 

It turns out that a watchdog group has discovered a high level of anti-McMaster chatter from Russian trolls and bots on social media. A group called The Alliance for Securing Democracy has been tracking bots and trolls linked to the Kremlin, and guess which Trump administration official is popping up among trending topics?


(Larger version here.)

Once again, whatever Trump happens to be talking about at any given moment somehow ends up being repeated by thousands of trolls and bots linked to Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence. Sure, it could be that the Russians really love Trump and are busily and innocently debating his rallies and stupid, stupid tweets. Or it could be that the conspiracy to hijack American democracy continues today, as forecasted by James Comey, James Clapper and other intelligence community officials.

If McMaster survives through Labor Day, it'll only be because Trump got bored with smearing him and has instead turned his attention to stabbing another administration official in the back. With Putin's help, apparently.

(h/t to Ryan Sargent)