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Trump is Now Propping up his Dying Presidency with Pure White Nationalism

As Trump's approval ratings dip to 33%, he's serving up the most rancid red meat he can find to keep his alt-right base from revolting.
Donald Trump Steve Bannon

We'll save arresting the Jews for sweeps week, Steve. Believe me, we'll get the best ratings.

In just the last week, Trump and his band of White House deplorables have:

1. Announced that the civil rights division of the Department of Justice will sue colleges for oppressing white people (No, seriously).
2. Told the police to go right ahead and hurt people (read as: Black people) in their custody.
3. Attacked the famous poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty that has welcomed immigrants for over a century as, I kid you not, unamerican.
4. Announced a new immigration policy designed to favor whites over Those People.
5. Made tackling the Latino street gang MS-13 a priority.
6. Sort of banned transgender troops from serving.

In what must surely be a coincidence, Trump's approval rating slipped to just 33% as of the latest Quinnipiac poll. Even worse for Trump:

The president's numbers were found to have slipped the most among Republican voters than they did with Democrat supporters - who already held an unfavorable view of Trump. In June, 84 percent of Republicans polled said they approved of Trump's job in office. However, according to the latest survey, support among the same group has dipped to 76 percent.  

Like a wounded animal returning to its nest for safety, Trump is cranking up the nativism and hate to 11. If he loses the angry white bigot vote, Republicans will turn on him like a pack or rabid piranha to save themselves ahead of the looming 2018 bloodbath. The lower his approval ratings drop, the more vicious and overt Trump's attacks will become.

Under a normal president, this would be a problem. Under Trump, a man that can be generously described as mentally unbalanced combined with a need to rule like a king, we can expect a dangerous escalation. Perhaps after a particularly violent weekend in Chicago, Trump will decide to declare martial law (in lack neighborhoods only, of course). Perhaps after another damaging revelation about his Russian connections, he'll order Muslims to be rounded up and placed in detention centers. Perhaps he'll demand Latinos wear a symbol on their clothes to prove they're citizens. The ways Trump can use the power of the federal government to make the most fevered dreams of his white nationalist supporters come true are almost unlimited, especially when the Republican Party refuses to take any steps to actually limit him.

Trump never had any intention of being the president of every American but since his inauguration, the audience he plays to has shrunk to the absolute worst our country has to offer. It was bad enough having monsters like Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka whispering in Trump's easily manipulated ear but if Trump fully embraces their agenda in order to keep the only voters he cares about happy, a lot of lives are going to be sacrificed on the alter of white nationalism.

But at least we didn't have to deal with Hillary and her fucking emails, right?

There are 460 days left to the 2018 elections.

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