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Donald Trump is Now Blaming Hillary Clinton For Don Jr.'s Collusion With Russia. Yes, Really.

This is getting truly pathetic.

In a sign that the White House is officially in complete panic mode, Donald Trump is using his favorite scapegoat to detract from the growing investigation into their collusion with Russia. In an unhinged Twitter rant this morning, the Commander In Chief was up bright and early blaming Hillary Clinton for his son's attempt to collude with Russia during the 2016 election. Because of course nothing is ever his fault, the #FakeNews, and Hillary Clinton.

While there is little point in refuting Trump's claims about Hillary Clinton (because Hillary Clinton is a retired politician and not the President of the United States), it should be remembered that Clinton was cleared of any wrong doing over her emails by the FBI -- twice. The deleted emails were not relevant to the FBI subpoena, and they "found no evidence that any of the additional work-related emails were intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them." The accusations of collusion with Ukraine are also completely disingenuous given no one in the Clinton campaign team had any contact with Ukrainian officials, and Ukraine isn't an enemy of the United States and hadn't hacked the election. 

The White House has been using this truly pathetic tactic for the past week now, creating a sense of serious desperation as Robert Mueller's investigation in collusion and obstruction expands. It appears to still be working with Trump's base, but the political establishment and the media is growing tired of the President's constant lying, and the mood in Washington is souring rapidly. Trump's poll numbers are beyond disastrous, and while he might serve as the GOP's useful idiot for now, at some point he won't be able to blame Hillary Clinton for everything. That day grows nearer by the hour.