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Sean Hannity is Not a Happy Bunny

So devoted to Trump is Sean Hannity that in order to deflect from his failures, the Fox News host is now attacking the GOP for failing to repeal and replace Obamacare, but turning on his coworkers at Fox News.

With President Trump's inability to accomplish any tangible objective in office, Sean Hannity is turning on everyone he used to love in order to deflect attention away from the president's collapsing job approval numbers. 

In an astonishing failure of political leadership and strategy, Trump failed again to repeal and replace Obamacare, making the central promise of his campaign (like every other promise) a total farce. Believing he could walk into Washington and bully everyone into fulfilling his every command, Trump is finding out the hard way that working in government is nothing like running a real estate company. There appears to have been no strategy in place to repeal Obamacare, no coherent replacement conceived of, and no ability to rally the political will to achieve his stated objective, and Trump has been left looking weaker than ever. 

But rather than accept Trump's inability to lead, chief cheerleader Sean Hannity is pulling out every Orwellian trick in the book to create the impression that none of it is the president's fault. Speaking on his show yesterday, Hannity took aim at congressional Republicans for failing yet again to repeal Obamacare. 

"Pay close attention, if you're in the D.C. swamp," Sean Hannity darkly. "I have a very important message for you, congressional Republicans."

"I, and so many of us in the country, have run out of patience with you. You are the do-nothing GOP lawmakers. And up to now, to be very, very honest, and it's really sad, you're pretty useless and all you have now is excuses and broken promises."

"Enough is enough," he went on. "When it comes to congressional Republicans breaking their word and failing to deliver. No more excuses: It's time, the GOP, you either step up and get the job done or get out of Washington,"

"Remember 2010? Vote for us, give us the House, we'll get rid of Obamacare, which the American people did. You got the House in 2010. In 2014, you said 'Give us the House and the Senate,' and we delivered, the people delivered.

"And then in 2016, you said 'Give us the House, and Senate, and the White House, and then once and for all, we'll repeal Obamacare…' you know, this was the Republicans' big chance, and up until now, they've completely blown it," 

Hannity is so frustrated with Trump's failures that he even went after long time friend and Fox News co-worker Shep Smith on his radio show for being "so anti-Trump". Smith has been one of the few people speaking out about Trump at Fox, a courageous act of defiance that speaks volumes about his character, unlike Hannity who has dedicated his professional life to defending Donald Trump regardless of how ludicrous he appears

Hannity will promote baseless conspiracy theories, saddle up to leftist anarchist Julian Assange, lie, insult and endanger his livelihood to protect Donald Trump, all the while lobbing bombs at "The Media" for not doing their jobs properly without a trace of shame.  His latest outburst is a sign that Hannity subconsciously understands that all is not well on Capitol Hill, and Trump's tenure as Commander in Chief may be coming to an end at any time. 

If karma really does exist, Hannity will be spending thousands of lifetimes accounting for the bile he has spread and the lies he has told. Given the rate at which his world is crumbling around him though, that karma could be coming back to bite him in this lifetime, rather than the next.