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Breitbart Prays For Deaths of Americans After Trump Declares "Beginning of End" of Obamacare

The cruelty of the Alt-Right knows no bounds.

Every rational analysis of every version of Trumpcare the GOP has attempted to replace Obamacare with leads to the horrifying prospect of thousands of Americans dying because they can no longer afford health insurance. These are not fictional statistics, but real world effects of gutting the ACA and getting rid of subsidies that help the poorest Americans. 

Yet Alt Right website is so ideologically opposed to anything Obama (read: black man) passed that it is not just cheering the prospect of Obamacare's demise, but literally praying for it. Here's what they tweeted after Trump praised the Senate today for instigating the "beginning of the end" of Obamacare: 

Remember, Trump and the GOP have no viable plan to replace Obamacare. They have a giant tax cut they'd like to pass to benefit the ultra wealthy that they've dressed up as a healthcare plan, but other than that, there is nothing. 

In the Alt Right movement, sticking it to poor Americans and vulnerable children not only constitutes Making America Great Again, but is so important that the (Christian) God must be called upon to ensure its passage into law. 

Pass the sick bucket, please.