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More Bullsh*t Wikileaks for the Easily Misled

They're banking on how eager their followers are to only see what they want to see.

Wikileaks, Russian puppets and haters of all things American, posted the following tweet about the man investigating Donald Trump:

Clearly, Robert Mueller delivered weapons grade uranium to Russia because (insert conspiracy theory of choice here), therefor he can't be trusted to investigate Donald Trump's connections to Russia. This is part of the false narrative that Hillary Clinton personally sold uranium to Russia (she didn't) that so many of the right and, somehow, the far left have bought into.

The reality is that Mueller was delivering the sample for the Russians to test as part of an international investigation into uranium smuggling. Russia and the United States may not be the bestest of buddies but nobody wants uranium on the black market:

Despite this ham-fisted stab at discrediting Mueller, the anti-Hillary far left will still hold Assange and Wikileaks up as heroes of the revolution. Even more unbelievable, Wikileaks pulled the same trick back in May and was immediately debunked by The Daily Banter among numerous other outlets. But it doesn't seem to matter that Assange has gone all in on defending Trump, the single greatest threat to everything the far left cares about; as long as he works against the Democratic Party and its attempts to hold Trump accountable, he's still a guiding light in the dark shadow "neoliberalism" has cast over the world.

It's important to keep in mind that a sizable chunk of the far left refuses to acknowledge that the Trump-Russia story is real much less the worst presidential scandal in American history. Instead, they eagerly grab on to whatever lies Assange or Glenn Greenwald or The Young Turks feed them to confirm their hatred of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. Sure, it goes against the entire concept of the left as the reality-based community but in the face of the mindless rage spawned by the 2016 primaries, intellectual honesty doesn't stand a chance.

I know that we're supposed to stop fighting among ourselves on the left but it's an unavoidable fact that out fringe has gone down the same path as the Tea Party. Even as they mouth platitudes about universal healthcare and ending corruption, their actions tell us that they crave destruction over actual progress; seeing the presidency of Trump as a way to achieve their goal of collapsing the dread "system" they've been told to despise by puppets like Assange. If we let them poison the left the way the Tea Party poisoned the right, that's game over for us. 

There are 463 days left to the 2018 elections. Beware Democratic candidates who campaign on being "anti-establishment." The only agenda they will further is the right's.

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