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The Boy Scouts Response to Trump's Outrageous Speech is Equally Pathetic

After Trump's outrageous speech to the Boy Scouts, the organization issued a response to complaints that was just as ridiculous.

One thing we know for certain about Donald Trump is that the man must be kept away from children. You have to look no farther than his own offspring, all of whom (save Barron, at least at this point) seem to share their father's penchant for egocentric, psychotic behavior. The guy is the prototype of that person who is a "bad influence" your parents warned you about.

So it really wasn't a good idea to unleash the Orange Emperor on the Boy Scouts of America's jamboree. But it's traditional to invite the current president to speak to that gathering, and many past presidents (unlike Trump) were actually Scouts themselves. So Trump was invited, Trump went, and once again we were treated to a facepalm worthy performance from the Man Who Would Be Dictator.

Trump's speech did not go over well with many people. The Washington Post noted that the address "broke with 80 years of tradition." That tradition, established by past presidents, involved speaking to the Scouts about the values of good citizenship, serving the community, and other laudable values. Trump spoke of his 2016 election win, the "fake media," and he did something no president of either party has done when speaking to the Jamboree -- he attacked his political opponents. He even encouraged the scouts to boo Barack Obama (now, there's "citizenship" for you, Trump-style).

Many people were outraged, and some expressed their opinions on Twitter.

Author and former Eagle Scout Ted Genoways went off on Trump in a long series of tweets, including this:

In the wake of all the outrage, the Boy Scouts of America released a statement, which reads,

The Boy Scouts of America is wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy. The invitation to visit the National Jamboree is a long-standing tradition and is in no way an endorsement of any political party or specific policies.

Like Trump, I was never a Scout. But doesn't personal responsibility fit somewhere in the Scouts' description of honor, or maybe citizenship? Because it certainly looks like Boy Scouts' leadership just shirked their responsibility to call out Trump over what he said.

No doubt the Scouts' leadership is wary of being too critical of Trump, lest they face his ire. But they could have used the opportunity to subtly object to the nature of his speech by reminding everyone of the values the Boy Scouts are supposed to uphold -- values that are the direct antithesis of Donald Trump and everything he stands for. Instead, they chose to make a statement about the tax-exempt, non-profit nature of the organization, and they tried to wipe their hands clean of the debacle by saying "We had to invite him. It's tradition."

Trump promised the crowd that he would be back. But since the Jamboree only happens once every four years, that may be a promise that he won't be able to keep, with any luck. And at this moment, there's probably no group in the country that would be happier about that than the Boy Scouts.