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NRA Host Grant Stinchfield: Hordes of Black Lives Matter Protesters are Coming to Torture and Kill White Americans

Bereft of a black president to scare white Americans into buying more guns, the NRA has decided to incite violence against Black Lives Matter instead.
Every conservative white person's worst nightmare: Unarmed black people demanding equal rights.

Every conservative white person's worst nightmare: Unarmed black people demanding equal rights.

On Wednesday, NRATV host Grant Stinchfield and guest Chuck Holton literally said that if we don't do something soon, Black Lives Matter will rampage through the countryside, raping, torturing, and murdering white people.

And I'm not even slightly exaggerating:

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Our race relations are strained here in American after eight years of Barack Obama, but nowhere is near as bad as it is in South Africa where white families are being tortured and killed almost every day in racist violence. It is a warning for the United States that you will never hear from the mainstream media in this country. Veteran Army Ranger and Frontlines correspondent Chuck Holton joins me with more on this. Chuck, I know you’ve been looking into this, particularly doing some research, and really the things that we’re starting to learn are frightening and I guess it's not shocking that the mainstream media is not talking about this.

CHUCK HOLTON: Right, you know the parallels between what’s happening in South Africa and the blatant racism and violence we’re seeing from people like the Black Lives Matter crowd, from people like Louis Farrakhan and his minions, is happening in spades in South Africa. The violence against farmers is being called for by government officials, it's being celebrated by politicians, and the scary thing is, it's kind of a warning for what could happen in the United States if we continue to let this get out of control, to go down this path of this racial tension, this racial hatred that is being forced on the American culture by the Black Lives Matter crowd.


HOLTON: This has to stop, and if you want to see why it has to stop, you look at South Africa. Over -- between three and four thousand white South Africans have been killed in the most horrific ways, brutalized, raped, tortured, drug behind cars, had drills taken to them. Some really horrific things.

This is not a racist dog whistle, this is an open call to violence against Black Lives Matter. The NRA has long been in the business of scaring white people so they'll buy more guns but now we're seeing something very different and very dangerous.

Pair this with the recent "liberals are the enemy of freedom" ad that effectively calls on NRA members to get ready to kill anti-Trump protesters and you have a very stark picture of the NRA's agenda. No longer content to just sell guns and fear, the gun industry's mouthpiece is actively inciting violence against the left, using both political and racial tensions as a justification.

It's not entirely clear why they've settled on this course of action. It's true that scared white people buy more guns and with a Republican in the White House, gun sales are down but inciting violence is a short term fix at best. It's possible that the NRA is concerned that even though Republicans are currently ascendant, it's a fragile power that threatens to destroy the GOP for a generation, leaving the gun industry at the mercy of a left wing that will absolutely pass gun control that will save tens of thousands of lives a year but, more importantly to the NRA, cost the gun industry billions.

Most likely, though, is that the NRA has been a group of far right extremists for decades and they see this as their time to remake America through violence and terrorism.

There are 473 days left to the 2018 elections.

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