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Trump Announces 'Made In America Week', But Family Merchandise Still Made in Asian Sweat Shops

The White House announcement of "Made In America Week" has brought renewed scrutiny of Trump branded merchandise.
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You may have missed it among the tweets and various scandals, but the Trump administration has featured a series of "theme weeks" to highlight various parts of the White House agenda. Past weeks, featuring things like infrastructure and energy, have largely been disasters, and the subject of ridicule from pundits and on social media.

On July 16 the White House announced three more upcoming theme weeks: "American Heroes," "American Dreams," and this week's theme -- "Made In America." One of the basic premises of Trump's #MAGA slogan is bringing "good paying" jobs in things like manufacturing back to the US. That is something experts agree is unlikely to happen, at least on the grand scale that Trump promised to voters. But Trump, if he was really serious about setting an example for employers to follow, should look to his family's companies first.

As we all know, Trump puts his name on a series of products; everything from mirrors to eyeglasses. In 2016 The Washington Post listed the Trump branded items that are produced overseas in countries like China, which was often the target of Trump's venom during the campaign. And there's daughter Ivanka's line of clothing and fashion products, which was the subject of a Washington Post report last week. That report found that most of her line is made by low paid workers in foreign sweatshops.

The Post noted that at the same time The Donald stood on the Capitol steps in January and proclaimed his "two simple rules -- buy American and hire American,"

A hulking container ship called the OOCL Ho Chi Minh City was pulling into the harbor of Long Beach, Calif., carrying around 500 pounds of foreign-made Ivanka Trump spandex-knit blouses.

Another 10 ships hauling Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, cardigans and leather handbags bound for the United States were floating in the north Pacific and Atlantic oceans and off the coasts of Malta, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Yemen.

When the White House announced Made In America Week, social media users were quick to call out the hypocrisy.

WaPo reporter Philip Rucker tweeted the response reporters got when the White House was asked about whether Trump or Ivanka branded products would be made in the US in the future.

In other words, "Don't hold your breath."

Trump is holding a "Made In America Showcase" on Monday afternoon, but he'll be about the only thing there named Trump that was produced in this country. On Wednesday he is supposed to sign a "Made In America Week" proclamation.

So far Trump has not tweeted anything about this week's theme or about the showcase, but he has posted several tweets about attending the US Women's Open golf tournament, and a couple more about Don Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer. It's almost like, just a day after announcing this week's theme, he already wishes it would go away.

But Trump needn't worry, his loyal worshippers will don their "Make America Great Again" hats, declare all the furor about foreign made Trump products to be "fake news," and maybe even accuse Democrats of sewing in "Made In China" labels to make their God-Emperor look bad. Then they'll go back to their jobs at Walmart and wait patiently for those manufacturing jobs they just know will be here any day.