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Republican Steve King's Astonishing Cruelty isn't the Exception, it's the Norm

The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of starving children and denying women health care.
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Rep. Steve King's astonishing cruelty apparently knows no bounds. The notoriously heartless Iowa congressman told the Examiner that he would find extra money for Trump's ludicrous border wall by denying vulnerable women health care and starving poor children to death. And no, that is not an exaggeration. Reported The Hill yesterday:  

On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee introduced a spending bill that would allocate $1.6 billion toward building the wall separating the U.S. from Mexico. The funding is part of the total $13.8 billion for Customs and Border Protection.

King said he supports the spending measure, but he would prefer an additional $5 billion for the wall — and suggested taking the extra funding from Planned Parenthood and federal welfare programs.

“I would find half of a billion dollars of that right out of Planned Parenthood's budget," he told the Examiner. "And the rest of it could come out of food stamps and the entitlements that are being spread out for people that haven't worked in three generations."

"We've got to put America back to work, this administration will do it," King said.

When King casually talks about gutting Planned Parenthood to pay for Trump's wall, he is advocating denying HIV testing and medication for at risk Americans, pregnancy support for disadvantaged women, life saving STD treatment and vaccination, and crucial support for the LGBT community. When King casually talks about raiding the US government's food stamp program, he is quite literally talking about about starving children to death, because almost 20 million of the people he wants to put back "to work" are under the age of 18. 

King's one saving grace here is his honesty. He is an asshole and is unafraid to parade his cruelty in public, saying what the majority of Republicans think but won't say for the sake of keeping themselves in power. 

It should be remembered that the Republican Party, in collusion with Donald Trump, is attempting to pass a health care bill that could kill roughly 24,000 Americans a year. The Republican Party and Donald Trump are also seeking to slash $10.6 billion from federal education initiatives that include after-school programs for the poorest students in America. They have been trying to defund organizations like Planned Parenthood for decades, and have tried to dismantle Obamacare since its inception.  

While King's comments are shocking to any human with a beating heart, his party will only find them irritating. Why? Because in reality, there is no difference between Steve King and the current Republican Party. The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of starving children and denying women health care.