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The Republican Nightmare is Here

Oh, sweet, sweet Karma...go forth and wreak much deserved havoc.

Despite controlling all three branches of the government, the Republican Party is in disarray and it's about to get infinitely worse.

As hard as it may be, put aside Donny Junior's stunningly stupid admission that he met with the Russians to get information about Hillary Clinton. That, by itself, is going to give Republicans a migraine for the next several weeks (or until one of the Trumps does something equally stupid). But even without the White House spinning out of control, The Republican Party would be facing a catastrophe of its own making:

House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows says the next government spending bill, which needs to be passed at the end of September, must fund the construction of President Trump's border wall, or else there'll be a government shutdown.

In an interview with Breitbart's Washington editor Matt Boyle, Meadows predicted there'd be enough Republicans to block any funding package that doesn't include money for Trump's wall.

This could just be a negotiating tactic or something to make the Freedom Caucus look good back home but you have to remember, the Tea Party really does like the idea of a government shutdown because something something "freedom." It doesn't have to make sense to normal people, it just has to make sense to the Tea Party and those people are cray-cray.

Back in March, I wrote that, "Going forward, the only bills that will get through the House Freedom Caucus will be the most regressive, brutish and sadistic bills imaginable. Unless it severely punishes the poor, the sick and the elderly while kicking Planned Parenthood's puppy, nothing is coming out of the House." So far, that hasn't changed in the slightest and there's no reason to expect it to. The House Freedom Caucus' seats are perfectly gerrymandered to keep them safe for all eternity as long as they promise to hurt anyone and everyone their constituents hate. Shutting down the federal government, even when Republicans control it, unless they fund the racist border wall falls well inside the ideological boundaries of the Tea Party.

Of course, Senate Republicans (who do not have safe gerrymandered seats) will not be all that anxious to pay for a giant rallying point for Latino voters to vote against Republicans forever and ever. Voter suppression will only get you so far. Also, it's really hard to sell cuts to food stamps and Medicaid because "America is broke" while shelling out billions for a wall that will do absolutely nothing.

Here's the fun bit! If The Freedom Caucus actually refuses to raise the debt ceiling, Paul Ryan will have no choice but to turn to the Democrats who will demand a lengthy list of concessions. If this sounds familiar, see Boehner, John, entire Speakership of. That, in turn, will enrage the GOP base who have been conditioned to see working with the Democrats on anything as a fundamental evil. 

The best part about all of this is that the ongoing gridlock will brilliantly make the point that Republicans are incapable of governing like adults.

Pass the popcorn.

There are 482 days left to the 2018 elections.

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