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Eric Trump Joins Fox & Friends To Make America Dumb Again

Psycho son #2 visited the friendly confines of Fox and Friends, where he said we should ignore "distractions" like Russia and focus on Home Depot. Seriously.
Why, yes, I -was- an extra in the Twilight series!

Why, yes, I -was- an extra in the Twilight series!

Donald Trump is almost six months into his hostile takeover of the American government and we are getting the first signals that the steam is starting to come out of the Obama economy. But don't let the numbers confuse you, says Eric Trump.

On July 6 payroll processor ADP released their monthly employment report, which revealed slowed job growth. At about the same time the Labor Department said that new unemployment claims increased last week, marking the third weekly increase in a row. Now, a concerned president might have something to say about the uptick in unemployment at a time when many Americans are still concerned about their economic futures, but Trump was too busy getting cheered by crowds bussed in to greet him by Poland's right-wing government. Instead, we got son number two joining the boys and girl on the curvy couch of Fox and Friends. It probably comes as no surprise to you that the ADP report never came up during the conversation.

Trump was there not only to tout what has happened in the economy since his father became president -- an economy that is still growing largely due to the policies of Barack Obama -- but he was also there to throw cold water on the ongoing investigations that are plaguing the Trump administration.

Eric attacked media attention that has been focused on the investigations, and suggested that reporters should spend more time on his father's economic success, saying,

"If you look at the amount of coverage that has been directed to that story and to all this nonsense and garbage, versus all the amount of coverage directed to the fact that the DOW is at an all time high, the S&P 500 is at an all time high, the Russell 2000 is at an all time high.

"I ask everyone to do this; open up your 401k. Look at where it was on election day to where they are now, they’re up 15-20 percent."

He should have ended that with a "Thanks Obama!" The increase in market indices since Election Day pales in comparison with its performance throughout most of the Obama presidency. And Trump, despite his enthusiasm for taking credit, has actually had little to nothing to do with any of it. He has not articulated any concrete economic policy, and the Republican-led Congress has not passed any major economic legislation. 

Even though Eric and the nitwits on the curvy couch didn't discuss the ADP report, he seemed to be preparing the return to the "job numbers are fake news" argument. Forget all of the facts and data that mean nothing to this administration and the brain dead minions who worship it. Eric has the perfect way to tell how the economy is doing: go have a look around your local Home Depot.

"Go into Home Depot," he told the Fox hosts. "Look at the lines at Home Depot. We are thriving as a nation. Everyone wants to focus on nonsense, on garbage, on distractions."

Update: "Anecdote" is not the singular of "data." Eric Trump, who has never stepped foot inside a Home Depot as a customer, is engaging in a time-honored conservative tradition that can best be described this way: "Yes, I see your numbers. But here's a story that paints the picture I want to believe. And because of this story, your numbers are meaningless." 

Donald Trump the candidate spent months calling unemployment numbers "fake." Then when those numbers continued to be positive after he took office they suddenly were something to celebrate. Now that we have hit a downturn in employment that may or may not signal the beginning of the end of the Obama economy, those numbers are once again "fake news."

Watch the spawn of Trump make daddy proud: