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Trump's Repulsive Tweet to Mika Brzezinski is Why Decent Americans Will Never Support Him

What a repellent human being the president is.

Smarting from the criticism Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have been leveling at him recently , Donald Trump woke up this morning and responded the way thin skinned, misogynistic bullies always respond -- with astonishing nastiness. 

Trump tweeted the following repulsive and deeply misogynistic insult to the Morning Joe host in the early hours of the day:

It is understandable to respond to people who have criticized you. Sometimes it is even acceptable to be angry -- but shaming a woman physically is not acceptable, ever. This is the President of the Goddamn United States we're talking about here -- a pathetic, sexist man child with the temperament of a drunk sailor and the manners of an even drunker one. 

If Trump supporters want to understand why much of the country and the rest of the world is repulsed by the president, this is it. If they want to understand why Trump will never be accepted as their president, this is it. If they want to understand why decent people won't negotiate or deal with Trump, this is it. You don't talk about women in this way ever, and shame on anyone who dares to justify it. 

This isn't shameful, it is sickening, and Americans must not let him get away with it.