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Sean Hannity is a F*cking Tool

Apparently suffering from amnesia, Fox News host Sean Hannity equated Russiagate with Birtherism, the vicious Obama conspiracy theory he helped promote.

Sean Hannity is convinced the Trump administration has no ties to Russia and there was no collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin during the 2016 election. How does he know this? He keeps repeating it on his show over and over and over again until in his simple little mind actually believes it

It's one thing to display acts of extreme cognitive dissonance due to personal bias (he's been doing this for over 20 years), but it's another to completely forget about a vile conspiracy theory you helped propagate, then use it as an example to illustrate how supposedly ridiculous the Russiagate theory is. On his show last night, Hannity claimed that Russiagate "has now become, like, Russia-Trump conspiracy ― birther conspiracies, you know? Sort of truthers.”: 

As the Huffington Post noted

It’s an odd comparison for Hannity to make, given that he has supported birther conspiracists and given them a platform on his show. 

This was how Mediaite reported on Hannity's obsession -- mostly played out on his radio show --- with Obama's birth certificate when Trump continued to bring it up back in 2012: 

Hannity was far more interested in pursuing President Obama’s birthplace struggles, wondering aloud yet again why the President has yet to produce a long-form birth certificate. He took his now-typical line of attack, noting that Dick Cheney had to prove his residency and that President Chester A. Arthur had one attorney after him proclaiming he was born in either Ireland or Canada. That said, Hannity clarified that he personally had no questions as to whether the President was American, but he did not consider himself a worthy arbiter of that.

And here was Trump and Hannity discussing how not only were Obama's birth certificates were likely forged, but his college transcripts too: 

It isn't worth debunking anything that comes out of Sean Hannity's mouth, because basically, he's a fucking tool.