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Today, I'm launching 'The Bantercast' with my good friend Michael Parker, a former Vice producer and serial entrepreneur. This has been a long time in the making, and it is a podcast that I am genuinely excited about, discussing issues that I am genuinely excited about.

I have experimented with podcasting before, but never really felt I had developed a show that reflected the vision I've always had. But this is different, and The Bantercast is a long term project that we hope fulfills everything a great podcast should be. 

So what is The Bantercast? Primarily, it's a highly personal podcast for interesting conversations -- or 'banter' if you will.  These conversations will be between myself and Michael (a truly fascinating character in his own right), and guests we will be bringing on the show. This includes a former news producer who had a brain tumor and lost all his memories, a 'Never Trump' conservative columnist, a renegade gardener building a food farm in one of the most deprived neighborhoods in Washington DC, and a host of other intriguing characters who will enlighten listeners with their unique stories and takes on the world.

We will be producing one show a week that can be found on iTunes, and a members only show that will be hosted on Patreon, a platform for creators we are using. 

The main show is and always will be free, but we are adding members content for those who kindly become Patrons of the show. We are looking to create a super interesting community above all else, and we'd really like to reward those who help make that happen. You can check out the first show on the Patreon page here, where Michael and I interview Demetri Kofinas, a former news producer who lost all of his memories due to a rare brain tumor, then got them all back again (it's a truly amazing story). 

The Patrons Only show about me getting sued (yes, seriously) can be heard here

You can also just have a peruse through our Patreon page to see how it works and what you can expect. If you'd like to throw us a few bucks a month, that would be awesome. If not, just have a listen to find out more about myself and Michael, and get involved in the community comments section. It's all good Banter, and we're going to keep it that way.