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Alex Jones Gives Hilarious Reason Why he Didn't Take Trump Up on White House Invite

"The president’s so busy and fighting and winning so good"

The internet's biggest virus and host of conspiracy theory site 'InfoWars' Alex Jones made a claim yesterday that he was personally invited to the White House by Donald Trump. According to Jones though, Trump was so busy "winning so good" at everything he does, Jones decided not to go out of the goodness of his heart and because of "the children". 

He said on his show yesterday, (via Media Matters): 

Well, here’s the deal. The president’s so busy and fighting and winning so good that even though -- I’m going give the press something here -- I’ve been invited and could have gone and met with the president. I was like, “Sir, you’re too busy, you don’t worry about that.” This is our battle for all of us. This is defeating the globalists for our children. It isn’t about being celebrities and hanging out with Trump.

If by winning so good, Jones is referring to the Senate hearing on Trump's potential obstruction of justice, his disastrous trip abroad where he insulted the leaders of all of America's allies, his rejection of the Paris Climate Accord that looks to set back American industry by 30 years, and rolling back of financial regulations protecting Americans, then yes, the president is doing a mighty fine job and winning at everything he does. 

Which apparently includes polling at a whopping 34% approval rating, one of the lowest in presidential history. 

So. Much. Winning.