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Jill Stein Doesn't Care About Republicans Stealing Your Healthcare

She's far too busy bashing Democrats, attacking the media, and downplaying the investigation into Trump colluding with Russia. Doesn't that sound familiar?
I'm more progressive than you! 

I'm more progressive than you! 

Take a few minutes to look over Jill Stein's Facebook wall and Twitter feed. If this was your primary source of information, you would literally have no idea that Republicans are on the brink of taking healthcare away from 24 million Americans to pay for a one Trillion dollar tax cut for the rich. You would have no idea that Trump is the most corrupt president to ever defile the Oval Office. You definitely wouldn't know that hate speech and hate crimes have spiked across the country. Instead, you'd come away with the impressions that the corporate media is out to get Stein, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are the source of all evil in the world, and that this whole silly Russia thing is just a distraction. In other words, Jill Stein sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump without the mental instability.

So far in the month of June, Stein has mentioned Trump about 20 times between retweets and direct comments:

3 tweets about Trump pulling out of the Paris agreement.
1 tweet about selling weapons to the Saudis (but she made sure to mention both parties).
1 tweet about Trump being temporarily blocked on DAPL.

Several are posts about how Stein didn't say Hillary was the same as Trump. This led to a long series of tweets about just how terrible Hillary is, making her furious tweetstorm of denial a distinction without a difference. The remainder are about how Rachel Maddow and Politico are out to smear her because they're the corporate media and she's a morally pure warrior for progress, etc. etc. etc. She mentions Republicans once.

There's a few tweets about other issues but the bulk of her timeline is preoccupied with attacking the Democrats and the media and downplaying the Russian hacking story. She also manages to spend part of her time talking about rigged elections, making her timeline more like something a Trump supporter would put together and less like a peek inside the mind of a "progressive." Stein clearly has little to no interest in the incalculable damage Trump and the Republicans are doing to the country. To be fair, Stein had a tweetstorm in late May about Kris Kobach and his impending election rigging but in the context of her other tweets (or lack thereof), this seems like a ploy to reduce confidence in elections (and thus, reduce voter participation) rather than a legitimate concern.

Looking through the comments left by Stein's followers is even more depressing. It's a master class in clueless privilege and smug (and unwarranted) superiority:

These are people that have no concept of what is happening to marginalized groups all across the country. After all, it doesn't affect them personally so how bad can it be? It must be so nice to throw spitballs at the Democrats from the safety of your upper middle class white suburb, far from the rapidly growing nightmare immigrants, Muslims and blacks are facing. Seriously, fuck every one of these spoiled brats.

By way of contrast, looking at Bernie Sanders' two Twitter profiles reveals someone that is very concerned about the damage Republicans are wreaking on the American people. I'm no fan of Bernie and I think he expends a little too much effort undermining the Democratic Party at the wrong time but there's no question of who he considers the largest threat to progressive values in this country (Hint: it's not Hillary Clinton):

That's what the social media profile of an actual progressive looks like. Sanders is railing against the party trying to murder tens of thousands of people every year so the rich can have even more money. Meanwhile, Stein's profiles are more interested in promoting Stein and waging war on the Democratic Party. She's far too busy complaining about how Democrats aren't really progressive to actually advance a progressive agenda in the real world.

But don't worry! When Republicans repeal the ACA and leave millions of Americans without healthcare, Stein will surely be there to tell you who to blame: Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, of course. Nothing suspicious about that, right?

There are 497 days left to the 2018 elections.

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