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Mike Pence Sums up Trumpcare Perfectly: "No Money, No Healthcare"

If you can't afford health care, Mike Pence wants you to know that's too bad.
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If you wanted to summarize the Trump Administration's priorities when it comes to repealing Obamacare getting their bastardized health care plan passed, Vice President Mike Pence did just that on his Twitter page. In what looks like an attempt to reassure the hardliners, Pence stated that Trumpcare would be based on free market principles and "personal responsibility": 

When Republicans use terms like this it means one thing: poor and vulnerable people get nothing. Free market competition means the Trump administration will be prioritizing the deregulation of the insurance industry, allowing them to decide what is best for their customers. Invariably this means less insurance for more money and a greater profit for themselves -- inline with the axiom of "the free market". 

"Personal responsibility" in Republican terminology means if you can't afford health care, you don't get any. Pence's voting record on health care in America is truly horrendous. Due to his staunch belief in markets and personal responsibility, he does not believe the government should ever regulate the price of live saving drugs -- because corporate profits always take precedence over human life. Pence has long wanted to destroy Medicaid, the only lifeline the poor have to decent health care in America. He voted against expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program under Obama because, well, kids wouldn't be taking responsibility for their own health, voted for allowing hospitals to deny treatment to Medicaid/Medicare patients when unable to pay their co-pay (because screw old people who don't work any more), and has one of the lowest American Public Health Association rankings of anyone in Congress (11%). 

This doesn't even touch on his atrocious record on women's rights. Pence has long been an advocate of destroying health care for women, voting to defund Planned Parenthood, even introducing the first federal measure to block patients from getting care at Planned Parenthood locations. He signed eight anti-abortion bills into law in his short stint as governor of Indiana, and is a staunch pro-lifer to the point where he, as the Huff Post reported "Cosponsored a bill that would have essentially redefined rape, prohibiting federal funds from paying for abortion except in cases of “forcible rape,” and a bill that would allow hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women who would die without the care."

So when Mike Pence talks about his administration's healthcare bill, he is only thinking about covering rich, white men like himself. 

Everyone else can evidently go fuck themselves.