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The 7 Most Dangerous Republicans Right Now

America won't be destroyed by an invading army, it will strangled in its sleep by sociopaths and predators.

While pretty much every Republican currently in office is awful, there are seven that stand out from the rest of the crowd. They exemplify everything that's wrong with the modern right wing and deserve a round of applause for their extraordinary effort to destroy everything good about America with a reckless disregard for the consequences. Just for clarification, Donald Trump is not on this list because, frankly, he doesn't understand what he's doing or how it's hurting the country. The following 7 people, on the other hand, are very aware of the damage they're doing and they simply don't give a damn,

Paul Ryan

Hey girl, let me take away your reproductive rights.

1. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's absolute refusal to exercise even the tiniest amount of the House's power to rein in a dangerously corrupt and incompetent Executive Branch will go down in history as either the act of a coward or a collaborator. Even the most casual observer understands that Trump is a danger to national security but Ryan continues to look the other way.

Add to this Ryan's gleeful pursuit of stripping healthcare from millions of Americans to bestow billions in tax cuts on the already obscenely wealthy and you have someone who clearly doesn't give a toss about the United States.

You mean school is for learning stuff besides Jesus?!

You mean school is for learning stuff besides Jesus?!

2. Secretary of (un)Education Betsy DeVos, despite have no idea how it works, has made it abundantly clear that she views public education as a mistake. The immorality of her push to roll back protections for student borrowers, cut funding to programs for special needs children and privatize education is only matched by her burning desire to turn schools into religious indoctrination centers.

At the same time she yearns to have us all praising Republican Jesus™, DeVos also opposes forcing her longed-for Christian warrior academies to accommodate the disabled so they can get a proper education as well. It's not like Jesus ever said anything about caring for the disabled so why should DeVos care about them?

Hey, would I lie about voter fraud to keep blacks from voting? LOL! Of course I would!

Hey, would I lie about voter fraud to keep blacks from voting? LOL! Of course I would!

3. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach will go down in history as one of the architects of the end of American democracy. Kobach is a pioneer in the field of racist voter suppression and his efforts have led to millions of minorities losing their ability to vote. And that's exactly the goal Kobach was aiming for. 

As head of Trump's commission to seek out "voter fraud", Kobach will be forced to invent out of whole cloth a widespread problem to justify the coming federal voter suppression laws. President George W. Bush spent 5 years looking for the mythical voter fraud epidemic and came up with nothing but that was back before Republicans realized they could openly rig elections and get away with it.

I'm not a scientist but I play one on TV.

I'm not a scientist but I play one on TV.

4. Head of the EPA Scott Pruitt's entry in the history books will be as the man that scuttled decades of climate research at the bidding of the fossil fuel industry. Possessing exactly no background in science of any kind, Pruitt has made a career out of telling actual scientists that he knows better than they do. Now that he's in charge of those scientists, Pruitt is firing as many of them as he can, throwing away the expertise and knowledge required to protect our environment from catastrophic damage.

The fossil fuel industry couldn't be happier. It's not like the old men who own those companies will be around when the ice caps melt and flood every coastal city on the planet.

The peasants are angry? I'll just smile at them and they'll love my daddy.

The peasants are angry? I'll just smile at them and they'll love my daddy.

5. White House...Something Ivanka Trump is the mask her monster of a father wears to hide just how wretched he is. Every couple of days, Ivanka comes out, finds a camera, smiles and tells everyone how wonderful daddy is and how she's so proud of him. The gullible media, smitten with her....assets, immediately declare that Ivanka will be a moderating influence on her rage beast of a father and that everything is going be OK. Why, she's a feminist and she'll have daddy wrapped around her little finger in no time!

Meanwhile, Trump continues to be a destructive and destabilizing tumor in the Oval Office with zero sign that Ivanka is accomplishing anything other than giving daddy something to leer at. Ivanka is a pretty distraction and she does it voluntarily.


I'm a "maverick" the same way Trump is "the president".

6. Arizona Senator John McCain serves a similar purpose as Ivanka in that he finds the closest camera and puts on a dog and pony show touting his integrity. Why, gee golly whiz! I sure don't know if I can vote for this legislation! It's not a good deal for America and as a POW war hero, I sure do love this country! The press laps it up and reports how principled Republicans are standing up.

And then McCain forgets all about his principles (perhaps literally) and votes along party lines like a good little stooge. He's there so the press can pretend the GOP hasn't become a party of extremists tearing the country apart for the sake of power.

Why isn't this country dead yet? I've been stabbing it in the heart for 8 years!

Why isn't this country dead yet? I've been stabbing it in the heart for 8 years!

7. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is perhaps the single most evil politicians in American history. He is one of the leading figures of the hyperpartisan nightmare our politics have become. He turned the Senate from a deliberative body into a broken institution used to essentially overturning the results of the 2008 and 2012 elections by filibustering everything possible and bring the Senate to a standstill.

He topped it all off by stealing a Supreme Court seat for the first time since the founding of the country. When the history books are written, Mitch McConnell will be known as the man who destroyed the Senate and allowed the assault on our democracy by Russia to continue unchallenged just so he could continue holding onto power. Fuck you, Mitch McConnell.

I would like to add one unofficial entry to this list: The American Media has watched all of this unfold and it was only when Donald Trump launched his nonstop assault on them that they started acting like journalists again. But even now, much of the media focuses on Trump and bemoans the insanity of the Republican Party as "Washington politics" as if both parties act with the same reckless abandon. History will not be kind to he Fourth Estate of this time, either.