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In North Carolina, Rape Isn't Rape and Republicans Like it That Way

Misogyny at its worst.
Sorry, the court said no backsies.

Sorry, the court said no backsies.

Sometimes it helps to take a break from Trump Trump Trump all the time and remind ourselves just how rancid conservative ideology truly is:

North Carolina is the one state where the law explicitly says you cannot revoke consent once it's given. A bill that would remove this "unacceptable loophole" has little traction.

You'd be forgiven for not quite understanding what this means in practice because it sounds insane. Say a woman agrees to have sex, changes her mind and the person she's with doesn't stop. In North Carolina, that is not rape. Even if the guy turns out to be a violent creep and starts slapping her around during intercourse, the woman is not legally allowed to say "Stop" to the sex. According to the North Carolina Supreme Court, the man can be charged with assault for hitting the woman, but not with rape.

In other words, once a women gives consent, she is no longer in control of her own body and must submit to sex. In 2017, this is a real thing. I imagine part of this ruling had to do with the rape culture myth that men are rutting animals that can't control themselves once they're engaged in coitus and can't be expected to stop. As any teen boy whose mom has walked in or any parent who's had a toddler wander in while mommy and daddy are "wrestling" can tell you, that's a lie. Men can stop at any time. We may not like and it may be physically painful (I can personally attest that "blue balls" is real and extremely unpleasant) but that's life and our discomfort does not take precedence over a woman's agency.

But it gets worse because conservatism is no longer a coherent ideology but rather a gag-inducing stew of bigotry and sexism. The reason why Republicans haven't added a simple fix to the law to close this "rape is not rape" loophole the state Supreme Court created is because of a right wing blog. Seriously.

But traction has been slow in getting this change implemented. He points to one conservative blog as an example for why. In it, the writer ridicules Jackson's work to address the "'rules' of fornication" as "pandering to the Wimmen's Studies Department alumni."

"This is a blog that unfortunately carries some influence with many of our conservative members," Jackson says. However, he says he believes this bill will eventually pass. "When it does, my bet is it passes unanimously. No one can seriously defend this loophole in our rape law."

A quick perusal of the the blog comes up with an alt-right-lite cesspit with, to the shock of no one, quite a chip on its shoulder about Planned Parenthood, feminism and women in general. This is who NC Republicans listen to so of course they want to avoid voting for an amendment that will restore women's control over their own body. Being the craven cowards they are, they also don't want to vote against the amendment because even the most militant conservative woman would sit up and notice. Instead, they just keep letting the amendment quietly die and hope no one notices.

Truly, NC Republicans are a profile in courage.

This kind of casual disregard for the lives and safety of women is occurring in every Republican controlled state because "women are property" is a foundational belief of American conservatism. Whether it be closing down Planned Parenthood clinics, keeping martial rape quasi-legal, or fighting against the concept of consent, Republicans will never abandon their war on women until we make it electorally toxic for them to continue. And that means voting the bastards out of office before they grind you down.

There are 501 days left to the 2018 elections.

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