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Mike Pence Just Lawyered Up, Which is Pretty Damn Huge

While Trump is stuck relying on his business attorney, Pence has reportedly hired a top defense lawyer with an impressive background. The shit is on.
Mike Pence

I think about Mike Pence a lot.

Mostly because I think a lot about how the hell this gelatinous, orange death train of an administration will come to a stop. Will it catastrophically derail? Find itself dragged back to the station? Non-ceremoniously switch conductors and then keep chugging along while the country argues back and forth on whether or not there even is a train? Who the hell knows?

But at the center of that equation is Mike Pence who finally made his first move in publicly acknowledging that the water is boiling by hiring a defense attorney with serious government credentials. Unlike, oh I dunno, Donald Trump's legal team.

From NPR:

Richard Cullen has a long record as a high-profile attorney in Washington, particularly in Republican circles. His official biography from McGuireWoods lists, in addition to his time at the Justice Department, his experience working for former Sen. Paul Trible, a member of the Senate committee that investigated the Iran-Contra scandal, and his work for Rep. M. Caldwell Butler, a key Republican vote on the House Judiciary Committee who voted in favor of impeaching Richard Nixon during Watergate.

Marc Kasowitz, the outside counsel hired by President Trump, does not have experience in politically-charged cases.

Granted, NPR also reports that Pence issued a cover your ass statement through his communications director. However, this shows him to be a far more competent politician than Trump, which really doesn't take much. Just delete Twitter from your phone and you're already light years ahead of the jackass sitting atop of America's nuclear arsenal.

"The Vice President is focused entirely on his duties and promoting the President's agenda and looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter,"

But because this administration is basically an open fire hydrant of leaks thanks to rank incompetence and pure survival instinct, CNN has spoken to sources who say that, not surprisingly, Pence's team has been freaking the fuck out.

A senior administration adviser acknowledged there have been weeks of hand-wringing behind closed doors among members of Pence's team, and an acceptance that the questions about Russia and the Trump campaign were not disappearing. Pence has been under fire for not knowing a number of things that happened during the transition -- which he led as chairman.

And now the questions. So many goddamn questions.

What does Pence know? When did he know it? Is he dirty? Is he an idiot who hoped this would all go away? Is he an opportunist who knew he just had to bide his time? Will he roll on Trump? Has he already rolled on Trump? What's he going to do if he becomes president and armed morons thinks he's part of a Deep State coup? What's he doing to do if he becomes president and Trump tells armed morons that he's a part of a Deep State coup? Will I be required to call my wife mother?

Like I said, I think about Mike Pence a lot. And you probably should too because the guy just lawyered up, which is pretty huge. He's either trying to stay out of prison, or despite being a weird, Christofascist asshole who's somehow more preferable than Trump, he's ready to play the Game of Thrones. (Minus all the sex and dragons because Jesus hates awesome shit.)

Is this the part where America's great again? Or the so much winning, we'll be sick of winning part? I can never tell.