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Comey's Prepared Statement is Believable Because Trump is a Slimy Bastard

Trump has a credibility problem and Comey's statement is hard to dismiss.

Tomorrow, former director of the FBI James Comey will testify that the president of the United States demanded loyalty and very clearly asked him to drop the investigation into Mike Flynn.

In the statement, Comey writes that the president asked him for his loyalty at a January 27 dinner between the pair at the White House. "I need loyalty. I expect loyalty," Comey alleges the president told him. Comey said he declined to offer such a pledge, but did promise honesty.

Trump and his lackeys in the right wing media will howl at the top of their lungs that Comey is lying and how dare we take his word over that of the president? But this is Donald Trump we're discussing and Comey's statement in no way contradicts anything we know about Trump. Back in November of last year I wrote about Trump's insecurities:

As Trump continues to fill his Cabinet and other top positions, a dangerous trend is emerging: He's not picking the most qualified and experienced people; people that might have a moderating influence on Trump's ignorant recklessness. Instead, he's doing what he always does: Surrounding himself with ass kissing toadies who will do anything he orders them to do, like Sarah Palin and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law:

Like every corrupt leader, Trump rightly fears being "betrayed" by those not explicitly loyal to him, not the office of the president but he, Donald J. Trump. Even though he doesn't understand the most basic aspects of the government he now runs, he instinctively grasps the concept of protecting himself from exposure. This is why he's been complaining so loudly about the innumerable leaks coming from his White House and the government in general; it's a personal affront to him and disloyalty is the greatest crime imaginable. 

I imagine he's already demanded the harshest possible penalty for Reality Winner and I do not expect her time in prison to be anything short of torture if any of the guards are pro-Trump.

But more than Trump's well-know need for loyalty pledges, nothing Comey will say tomorrow will sound unbelievable because Trump is a lowlife swine. I wrote about that, too, back in January:

Even his staunchest defenders don't honestly believe that he possess any redeeming qualities. His followers love him for being a low brow dullard filled with the same kind of hate that motivates them. His disdain for sophistication and knowledge appeals to their resentment of a culture that's moved beyond their racism and insularity.

As far as character goes, those who elected Trump knew exactly what they were getting and they don't care.

By dint of their position, American law enforcement must not be loyal to anything but the law but that will never do for Trump. As a cheap conman that considers himself above that law, an independent FBI that continues to look into his ever-expanding corruption is intolerable. Before, he could use his money to bury lawsuits against him and bribe his way out of criminal charges. Now, as the most visible man in the world, there's no amount of smoke he can blow to make his problems go away. With every step he takes to block the investigation into his associates and his campaign he looks more and more guilty.

James Comey's testimony won't force Trump out of the Oval Office (although if he'd been a Democrat, Republicans would already be drawing up the impeachment papers) and it won't change any of his supporter's minds. It will, however, punch yet another hole in the sinking ship that is Trump's presidency and it's going to make it that much harder for Republicans to justify backing the Trumptanic as it continues its inevitable slide into oblivion.

There are 517 days left to the 2018 elections.

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