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The Anti-Anti-Trump Movement is a Giant Pile of Steaming Bullsh*t

Taking the moral high road to defend the indefensible is the sickest joke yet of the Trump era.

The right is making a big deal out of how much we hate Trump as if we're a bunch of hysterical lunatics. After all, they were never this crazed about Obama, right? 

Whatever. It's a law of the political universe that conservatives forget anything they say or do roughly 24 hours later, resembling Drew Barrymore's brain damaged Lucy from 50 First Dates. That's how millions of joyous Bush voters became "independents" after Barack Obama crushed John McCain in 2008. It's also how 63 million Trumpanzees will instantly rewrite history by the time Trump is impeached for treason.

In the meantime, we have to listen to the "anti-anti-Trump" movement tell us that we're unhinged and out of control. They're shocked, shocked, that we're so angry and vocal about it. Here's William Jacobson complaining about the mass protests against Trump, the single most unqualified and dangerous person to ever sully the office of the presidency:

...the Democratic Party, entire mainstream and liberal media, and significant parts of the @NeverTrump Republican Party have devoted themselves full time to bringing down the Trump administration. Even if that meant interfering with the Electoral College vote and justifying the corruption of the federal bureaucracy through illegal leaks.

The anti-Trump movement, as presently constituted, is deserving of an “anti-” movement.

Of course it is. Why? Because allowing an anti-Trump movement to go unopposed would get Trump out of office but it would also strip the Republican Party of much of its ill-gotten power. Much like Republicans are putting up with Trump to finish stealing a seat on the Supreme Court (which Jacobson curiously doesn't seem to have objected to), repeal Obamacare and give their 1% masters a trillion dollar tax cut, Jacobson and his cohort of anti-anti-Trumpsters will push back against the clearly necessary removal of Trump because it threatens everything they've built (read as: "Stolen") over the last 8 years.

But to listen to Trumps's supporters/not supporters, you'd think that it's those pesky anti-Trump people that are eroding the very foundations of our democracy and not Trump and the Republican Party:

For me, the attempt by anti-Trumpers to intimidate Electors into switching their votes so as to undermine the election was a turning point, the point at which I realized the #TheResistance was a danger to the rule of law and “norms and traditions of our political system.” 

That's a bizarre statement since the literal reason we have Electors is so "that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” Trying to get the Electors to act in accordance with their, again, literal purpose is not a threat to the norms and traditions of our political system, but electing, and then running interference for, a corrupt, pathological liar that also happens to be the puppet of a hostile foreign power is, by definition, such a threat.

Other things that fall under the category of "danger to the rule of law and norms and traditions of our political system?"

  1. Constantly attacking judges and threatening to dismantle parts of the judicial branch.
  2. Threatening the press and calling them enemies of the people.
  3. Asking Russia to use their communication channels to evade American intelligence.
  4. Putting your son-in-law in charge of America.
  5. Having your daughter on the staff in the White House.
  6. Accepting emoluments (bribes) through your hotels.
  7. Firing the Director of the FBI because he's investigating you.
  8. Denigrating NATO.
  9. Denigrating all of our Western allies.
  10. Stealing a Supreme Court seat.
  11. Constantly lying about everything, no matter how inconsequential.

But, you know, all these protests and attempts to block Trump's blatantly illegal and unconstitutional acts are the real  threat to democracy.

You can expect this chorus of concern trolling to grow as Trump becomes increasingly toxic, threatening to take the entire Republican Party down with him. It's already impossible to defend the indefensible without coming off as a paid lackey so the only option left is to attack those leading the charge against Trump's vindictive incompetence in hopes of mitigating the damage from the inevitable collapse. It's just another way of putting party before country and that's something the right excels at these days.