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'Daddy' Trump Lectures Everybody After London Attack, Then Goes Golfing

Donald Trump used the London terror attack to ridicule "political correctness" and call for implementation of his Muslim ban.

It's no secret that Donald Trump wants everybody to think of him as our stern "Daddy." When something bad happens to you, Daddy comes home and lectures you on how stupid you were, and how you have to be more careful next time. Then he grabs a beer and goes to sit on the couch while Mother fixes dinner. That is basically what his response has been to Saturday night's terror attack in London.

Not long after the attack, Trump -- or somebody who is controlling the @POTUS account -- used the president's official Twitter account to tweet a renewed call for his Muslim travel ban.

Then, as an afterthought, he tweeted his support for the UK and the citizens of London. He also tweeted the same thing on his personal account.

On Sunday morning Trump was back at it on Twitter, where he had much more to say, none of it helpful to the situation.

First it was an attack on "political correctness."

That was followed by a comment on London Mayor Sadiq Khan's statement following the attacks, which was taken totally out of context by His Orange Highness.

Khan was actually telling London residents that they shouldn't be concerned by a greater than normal police presence on the streets over the next few days.

"Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There's no reason to be alarmed," was the full context of Khan's remark.

And then Trump brought guns into the conversation.

Trump seemed to be advancing the tired old NRA argument that guns don't kill, people kill. The UK has strict gun laws, and as sad as it is that anybody died, the fact that the attackers did not use guns, likely because they couldn't get their hands on them, probably kept the death toll from being in the hundreds.

And when he was finished tweeting, what did Trump do? He did the same thing that many overweight, grumpy old rich white men do on Sunday morning: he went golfing.

Now, I couldn't care less that Trump golfs. I find it to be an extremely bourgeois, boring, and relatively pointless activity, but hey, to each his own. But Trump certainly worried about how much President Obama golfed, especially during times of crisis.

Trump apologists will likely point out that there really isn't much he could do, since the attack didn't directly affect America or Americans. But Trump's main international focus is supposed to be combatting ISIS and the spread of terrorism. He claims to want to lead on the issue. So maybe a public statement about the attack, an in person public statement, not a tweet, would be a good idea. Or convening a meeting of his national security team. But no, it was off to the links again, even though he had just visited his Trump National Golf Club on Saturday.

This is the latest example of stern Daddy Trump. When he is around people he believes are his equals or superiors, he is highly deferential and fawning (as he was in Saudi Arabia). But when the day is over at the office and he comes home to the family, those who are beneath him, he addresses any problems with a lecture followed by a "Daddy needs some down time, so I'm going to hit a few balls. You do what I told you and sort this out yourself." That was a shitty way to run a 50s tv family. It sure as hell is no way to run a country.