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Republican Refuses to Say That Eating is a Basic Human Right

The Republican Party literally does not care if you starve to death.

I'm not sure how this one slipped under the radar but with the daily freak show in the White House, we might be forgiven for not noticing the GOP taking another stride towards The Hunger Games.

During an NPR interview with Scott Simon, Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Let Them Eat Cake) blatantly refused to answer a question that only has one acceptable response:

“Well, let me ask you this bluntly: Is every American entitled to eat?” Simon queried.

Smith was stumped. “Well, they — nutrition, obviously, we know is very important. And I would hope that we can look to — ”

Simon interrupted: “Well, not just important, it’s essential for life. Is every American entitled to eat?”

Smith agreed that nutrition “is essential” but continued to ignore the question about whether Americans are entitled to eat.

Simon tried a third time: “So is every American entitled to eat, and is food stamps something that ought to be that ultimate guarantor?”

Once again, the lawmaker demurred: “I think that we know that, given the necessity of nutrition, there could be a number of ways that we could address that.”

Take a moment and consider what kind of person is incapable of automatically answering "Yes, of course people are entitled to eat." Think about the total the lack of human compassion required to even contemplate "No" as an answer. It would require an absolute disregard for the well being of others and an ideology that holds the poor to be nothing more than a burden to be shed at the earliest opportunity.

Now consider that Smith must be aware that 44% of food stamp recipients are children (60% of them 11 and under) and the sociopathic mindset necessary to dodge the question becomes even more disturbing. And just to make the entire scene more surreal, Smith is, of course, staunchly "pro-life" because he cares about the suffering of the unborn:

Respect for human life must be a cornerstone of public policy. To everyone who has devoted their time and effort to the cause of life, including those who braved the threat of a historic snowstorm in Washington, thank you. I will continue to stand with you and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

"Respect for human life", in this context, meaning "forcing women to give birth and then denying them any and all help caring for the life we stopped respecting the second it took its first breath." 

Smith is just the latest piece of evidence showing that Republicans ceased to be a political party driven by a coherent ideology some time ago and morphed into a force of pure destruction and anarchy. Their base, about 25% of the country, happily vote to enable this devastation and the two have entered an inescapable death spiral, each feeding off of the extremism of the other. Either we convince the 46.9% of the country that didn't vote that their future is in imminent jeopardy from what is little more than a political death cult, or we continue to let people who do not believe the poor have a right to live burn the country down around us.

There are 523 days left to the 2018 elections.

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