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We Need Your Help to Cover This Madness

The news about the Trump/Russiagate scandal is coming so fast and so frequently that we are having a difficult time keeping up with it here at the Banter. We need your help to continue covering it.
Nixon Trump

Right now, the US is on the midst of a leadership crisis not seen since the fall of Richard Nixon in 1974. The revelations about the Trump campaign's potential ties to the Russian government are spilling out on an hourly basis, and the Trump administration careens from one spectacular crisis after the other. The news is coming so fast and so frequently that we are having a difficult time keeping up with it here at the Banter. 

We are not a breaking news organization -- we never have been, and we never will be (unless of course a friendly billionaire wants to drop us a couple of hundred million to compete with the New York Times/Washington Post). Barring our own Jeff Bezos or Pierre Omidyar, what we do best here at the Banter is digest multiple news sources and attempt to help our readers think more clearly about what is happening in the world. In essence, we are a filter through which the majority of our readers build a realistic, thoughtful and intelligent perspective on the news. We take this job very, very seriously and spend long, grueling days making sure we check our sources, write well and formulate interesting opinions to share with our readers. To keep doing this during politically charged times like this, we need your help more than ever to keep going. 

As a completely independent media outlet, we rely on advertising income generated from the pageviews the site gets, and subscription revenue from our generous readers. The majority of our income comes from advertising, but given the inherent instability of internet traffic, we need to generate significantly more from subscription. Facebook -- the platform through which a very large percentage of our readers come to us from -- changes its newsfeed algorithm every 6 months or so, often leading to dramatic reductions in traffic. If our stories aren't appearing in your newsfeed as much as the used to, that isn't because we are not publish as many stories, it is because Facebook has altered the way they appear. More often than not, the traffic stabilizes, but we've seen a very significant drop coming from Facebook over the past 6 months which has yet to return. 

Thankfully, our core readers have kept us going with their incredible generosity, and our membership base has grown significantly since last year -- as sign that diminishing Facebook traffic has nothing to do with the quality of our writing. 

Either way, we are looking to up our coverage of the ongoing crisis in Washington D.C over the coming months and providing as much quality insight and opinion as we can possibly muster. We have relentlessly hit this administration with everything we have, but the fight is not over yet -- not by a very, very long way. We need your help to keep up the fight, so if you enjoy reading what we do here at the Banter and want to support an outlet not taking a single cent from corporations or billionaires who want to further their own political agenda, please consider becoming a paid member. Right now, it's 35% off the regular price of a membership ($3.99 a month or the best deal, $39.99/year), and you get access to all our Members Only content and bi-monthly magazine 'Banter M'. It's quite literally the price of a single cup of coffee for the whole month (roughly 99c a week), so come and join one of the most intelligent, interesting communities on the web  -- or what we now call The Resistance -- and help cover the insanity going on in the White House. 

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Thank you, from all of us here at the Banter. It is greatly, greatly appreciated.