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Sean Hannity's World is Falling Apart

In a truly deranged opening monologue on his show last night, a clearly spooked (and exhausted) Hannity dug deep into his bag of bullshit, claiming there were five dark forces working to destroy the Trump administration.
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Faced with overwhelming evidence that his beloved President is a lying child who spilled state secrets to Russia, tried to cover up an F.B.I investigation into his campaign's ties to the Kremlin, and is most likely on his way to impeachment, Sean Hannity's world is falling apart -- and it is beginning to show. 

In a truly deranged opening monologue on his show last night, a clearly spooked (and exhausted) Hannity dug deep into his bag of bullshit, claiming there were five dark forces working to destroy the Trump administration: the Big Bad Media, Democrats, unknown 'Deep State'/intelligence people in Washington, weak establishment Republicans and the 'Never Trumpers' movement, who he claimed "seem to all be working together in an unprecedented attack on the sitting president". 

Most nauseatingly (and desperately), Hannity spent much of the segment harping on about a completely debunked conspiracy theory regarding a young man who was tragically murdered in Washington D.C last July. Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, lost his life in what appeared to be a botched robbery, is now the center of the far right's latest desperate attempts to distract the public from Trump's ongoing meltdown in the White House -- and Hannity is now the movement's chief cheerleader.  

The investigation is ongoing, but fringe right wing nutjobs are using it as golden opportunity to divide the Democratic party by claiming Rich was in fact the DNC email leaker, not Kremlin backed hackers and was murdered by the Clintons/DNC. The Banter's Justin Rosario debunked this horrendously offensive garbage yesterday, but it is worth going into detail again in order to stop it proliferating. 

The origins of Hannity's disgusting little theory stem from an offhand comment by Wikileaks chief Julian Assange -- a proven liar and paranoid conspiracy peddler -- who insinuated Rich may have been their source for the dumped emails. Hannity 'proved' this by playing an interview Assange did last year where he brought up Rich's death, then spoke about the "significant risks" their sources go through to get information. When pressed by the interviewer about the implication that Rich was the leaker, Assange backed off and refused to comment further. 

According to far right hacks like Hannity, this is enough evidence to suggest the DNC paid for the murder of Seth Rich in order to hand the primary to Hillary Clinton, thus exonerating the Kremlin from hacking the DNC's email server and leaking it to benefit Donald Trump. There are a few things worth pointing out here: 

1) The family of Seth Rich have strenuously denied this version of events and have expressed their extreme pain in having Seth's murder used for political purposes. 

2) The Police investigating the murder have also found zero evidence of Rich leaking anything to anyone. 

3) The FBI are categorically not investigating the murder, which specifically refutes the Fox story that a supposed FBI analysis of Rich’s computer proved he had sent more than 44,000 DNC emails to a WikiLeaks associate. 

4) Assange backtracked on his earlier implication and released the following after his interview last year:   

5) The investigator making the claim in the original Fox News piece has now retracted his statement and told CNN that he had no evidence linking Rich to WikiLeaks. In fact, his source for the implication was the Fox reporter himself

It is safe to say then, that this story is complete and utter nonsense and Hannity should probably think again about relying on it as the major force de distraction from the Russia leaks story. Then again, this is Sean Hannity we are talking about, so as long as his viewers are lapping it up, he will likely continue peddling it while Trump remains in the White House. 

The rest of Hannity's rant against the dark forces gathering to oust Trump are so ludicrous that he can only be relying on the loudness with which he declares them to be true as evidence. From the supposed "Fake News" reports of Trump's leaks (which Trump himself admitted the day after) to the dastardly "Deep State" supposedly leaking all of Trump's transgressions, one wonders whether Hannity has been taking his meds regularly. Hannity has been so incensed by the media's coverage and treatment of his beloved sugar daddy that he has even suggested Trump only allows pre-screened questions at White House press briefings -- an idea straight out of every dictator's playbook in modern history. 

The reality is, Sean Hannity's time at Fox News is almost certainly limited. With Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly and Rupert Murdoch either having left or being on the way out, the organization will be looking to recalibrate -- likely in a post-Trump world -- as a somewhat saner news outlet that doesn't cater to the fruitcakes watching Sean Hannity's nightly show. In tandem with the ongoing and rapidly escalating crisis in the White House, Poor Sean senses that his entire world is about to come crashing down, and he's out there doing his best to hold it together in an act of defiance that would be admirable if he wasn't such an intolerable dickhead.