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Fox Host Says 'Covfefe' Tweet Proves Trump Has More Stamina Than Hillary Clinton

A Fox News anchor had a different reading than most about Trump's latest bedtime tweet.

Late on Tuesday night Donald Trump once again started people talking with his incomplete tweet containing a brand new, um, word: "covfefe." The internet went crazy, as did some news organizations. CNN, for example, had a covfefe field day, with the same headline about it emblazoned across the screen during a large portion of Wednesday morning's programming, according to Matthew Gertz of Media Matters.

As the sun rose on Wednesday, Trump, or someone who had managed to wrest the phone out of his tiny hands, tried a bit of ass covering by deleting his incomplete tweet and sending out this:

The conventional wisdom is that when Trump sends his late night tweets he is bored, tired, perhaps lying in bed or sitting on the toilet. The covfefe tweet says that is certainly a possibility. You can almost picture him, that ridiculous hair all done up in a hairnet, wearing his teddy bear pajamas with "Donny" embroidered on them, working his stubby little fingers all over the keyboard. Occasionally he lapses into that semi-conscious state that precedes sleep while desperately trying to spell out words like "coverage," getting "covfefe" instead.

Of course, the propaganda arm of the Republican party, aka Fox News, had a different take from everyone else on covfefe. During the network's midday news show, Happening Now, anchor Jon Scott offered his perspective on the timing of the covfefe tweet and Trump's later deletion of it.

While speaking with Politico Playbook's Jake Sherman, Scott posited that because only a handful of hours had elapsed between the two tweets, it was proof that Trump has great "stamina", and even managed to bring Hillary Clinton into it (because of course): 

"It was a big issue during the campaign," Scott said. "He [Trump] often accused Hillary Clinton of not having the energy, the stamina to be president. So he was up tweeting at 12:06 a.m. -- even if it wasn't exactly a, well, coherent tweet -- and then at five a.m. he deleted it. So I guess the president is, as he has said, a man who only needs a few hours' sleep."

To most people, the thought of the president, the man with the nuclear codes, fighting sleep while trying and failing to remain lucid, is scary as hell. But not to Fox. Nope. To them, and to the thousands of poorly educated Trump fans who listen to their drivel, the whole episode "proves" that Trump has great stamina.

That would be the same Trump who hung back from other world leaders as they walked down the street in Sicily, choosing to catch a ride on a golf cart. The same Trump who opted out of an event in Saudi Arabia, sending daughter Ivanka instead, because of his "exhaustion."

Trump is almost 70 years old, and it is certainly ok for a man of his age to be tired. Especially a man who is as obviously overweight and out of shape as he is. But Fox, of course, simply can't admit that we have a president who, like Republican hero Ronald Reagan, needs plenty of downtime. Instead they have to create a whole new narrative about how robust Trump is, based on an unfinished tweet sent as he drifted into sleep, then deleted when he got up for his pre-dawn pee.