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Trump Staff Reportedly Worried They Will Be Replaced With Ass-Kissing "Yes Men"

How much worse can it get? Turns out the answer is: A lot.
Whatever you say, President Trump!

Whatever you say, President Trump!

The average IQ and number of backbones in the White House is about to drop sharply, putting the entire planet at the whims of an imbecile and his eager enablers. Axios reports that the dumbing down of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is about to get underway:

Some White House officials are deeply troubled by the most likely outcome of ongoing staff changes: an infusion of Yes Men. Or, put differently, the striking absence of advisers with the guts and gumption to say something is dumb, wrong or undoable.

And Trump
likes it that way.

Of course Trump wants more Yes Men, he's a 70-year-old narcissist that has spent his entire life surrounded by people telling him that he's the smartest, handsomest and most all around bestest person ever. Why, his hands and penis are enormous! Possibly the largest in the world! The White House is already staffed with people that cater to Trump's enormous, and enormously fragile, ego so the prospect of them being replaced by what amounts to professional sycophants should terrify any rational person.

Combining Trump's need to be the smartest person in the room at all times with his penchant for firing people that make him feel inferior in any way and we are now literally staring at Idiocracy made manifest in the executive branch of the world's lone superpower. 

Non-insane Republicans (if there is such a thing anymore) consoled themselves when they held their nose and voted for Trump by clinging to the lie that he would be surrounded by smart people that would keep him on track. It was a forlorn hope but the only other option was Hillary Clinton and 4 more years of poor, oppressed white people being ignored by mean ol' liberals.

But it turned out that Donald Trump surrounded himself with, for a lack of a better term, fucking idiots who didn't know how to govern. At all. Even a little. Turns out that blowing up trains is harder than making them run on time and nobody knew how complicated being president would be. And now the already historically and hysterically dysfunctional White House is about to get infinitely worse.

We're all going to die.

There are 530 days left to the 2018 elections.

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