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Stop Calling Trump's Cruel Budget a "Scam," His Supporters Will Never Care

They didn't vote for him because he'd protect their government benefits.

The trend of both liberal and conservative writers raining derision down on Trump for "scamming" his voters continues with Paul Krugman being the latest to blast Donald Trump for screwing over his voters:

For journalists covering domestic policy, this past week poses some hard choices. Should we focus on the Trump budget’s fraudulence — not only does it invoke $2 trillion in phony savings, it counts them twice — or on its cruelty? Or should we talk instead about the Congressional Budget Office assessment of Trumpcare, which would be devastating for older, poorer and sicker Americans?

There is, however, a unifying theme to all these developments. And that theme is contempt — Donald Trump’s contempt for the voters who put him in office.

You may recall Trump’s remark during the campaign that “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” Well, he hasn’t done that, at least so far. He is, however, betting that he can break every promise he made to the working-class voters who put him over the top, and still keep their support. Can he win that bet?

Of course he can win that bet. And he will. 

I love me some Krugman and I enjoy watching him take apart Trump's lies but he's preaching to the choir here. Ostensibly, Krugman's column is directed at the Trump voters being scammed but are they really? Yes, Trump has broken just about every foreign policy promise, every jobs-related promise and every social safety net promise he made to his voters. But he's hard at work keeping the only promises his voters ever really cared about - the racist ones. 

Case in point - Attorney General Jeff Sessions is renewing America's love affair with unnecessarily harsh prison sentences and private prisons to put all the new felons in.

And you can bet that those prisons will soon be stocked with large numbers of black and Hispanic inmates charged, convicted, and sentenced for drug crimes. An October 2015 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that as of 2012, 76 percent of federal prisoners serving sentences involving drugs were black or Latino. And that certainly isn't going to change. Sessions' order is an open invitation for federal law enforcement to go into minority communities and start rounding up people for the most minor drug offenses.

Add to that the rapidly expanding deportations, the still-possible border wall and Trump's proposed Muslim Ban and Trump voters got exactly what they voted for: Hurting brown people.

I know it's much easier to believe that the average Trumpster was voting for Trump's economic policies. It's hard to imagine that tens of millions of our fellow Americans are motivated by little more than hate but go watch those rallies again and pay closer attention to them. The excitement in the air wasn't for bringing back coal mining jobs, it was all about bringing pain to everyone Trump supporters despise.

We have to stop pretending that Trump's unshakable base cares about anything other than lashing out at everyone they loathe for not being just like them. As far as the economy goes, these are the same people that believe all black people are junkies on welfare and they seriously believe in Schrodinger's Immigrant, both too lay to work and stealing all their jobs at the same time. If Trump can get rid of all Those People, why, the economy will magically get better for the deserving white people left behind!

If that sounds irrational and just plain stupid, congratulations! You now understand the average Trump voter. There is no point trying to convince them that Trump's policies will devastate their lives. No one has been able to convince conservative voters that they're voting against their own self-interest in over 50 years. They couldn't hear the warnings over the racist dog whistle Republicans have been blowing since Nixon instituted the Southern Strategy, what do you think the chances are they'll hear them over the enormous megaphone Trump's been screaming out of for the last two years? All they hear these days is that it's OK to call black people "ni**ers" in public again. Nothing Krugman or anyone else can say will get through that desperately longed for cacophony of hate and rage.

I may sound like a broken record but it's necessary - these people are a threat to everything and everyone around them and they need to be crushed at the ballot box. They must be stripped of their unearned power and put at the kiddie's table until they grow up. Only then should be allowed to have a say in america politics. Failure to do that, I promise you, will allow these arsonists to burn our country to the ground.

There are 529 days left to the 2018 elections.

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