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Laura Ingraham Mocks Bullied School Kids In Her Defense of Greg Gianforte

Laura Ingraham reached a new low by shaming victims of school bullying in her rush to defend Greg Gianforte attacking journalist Ben Jacobs.
Laura Ingraham

On Wednesday night, Republican House candidate Greg Gianforte assaulted journalist Ben Jacobs of The Guardian in response to being asked about the CBO score for the American Health Care Act. Even more shocking than a white, conservative male resorting to brazen violence when he didn't get his way is the fact that Gianforte's absolutely ridiculous statement was blown to pieces by Fox News. Yes, that Fox News. Gianforte would be charged with misdemeanor assault later that night, and in a rare move, three Montana newspapers would withdraw their endorsements.

And while there's a lot to unpack about about Republican anxiety over Trumpcare and the disturbing escalation of acting out on the growing spate of violent rhetoric towards the media that the right is embracing full hog, let's focus on Laura Ingraham's absolutely disgusting remarks in her rush to defend Gianforte.

Naturally, because conservative women are trained to acquiesce to the fragile egos of men, Ingraham starts with a full-throated endorsement of toxic masculinity that's become the core of Republican politics by implying that if Jacobs was a REAL MAN, he would've got right back up and brawled it out with Gianforte. Which is horseshit, by the way. Thanks again to Fox News, whose report Ingraham tweeted later that night, we know that Gianforte didn't "body slam" Jacobs. He grabbed him by the throat, forced him to the ground, and began punching him in the face. Which is pretty illegal, and I could've sworn Ingraham's president of choice ran on "law and order." Apparently that doesn't count when Montana men are being Montana men.

But Ingraham sinks to an even more deplorable level with her line about "running to tell the recess monitor," which is some heartless shit. Not to mention the fact that Laura Ingraham thinks it's okay for children to get mugged at school? Hey, whatever it takes to defend violent Republicans.

As most parents and teachers will tell you, the hardest thing to do when a child is being bullied is to get them to tell someone before it's too late. As a parent myself, and one who was bullied from fourth to sixth grade, I can tell you that it's a soul-crushing worry that behind the usual one-word answer to how was school - "Good." - lies a secret day of pain and loneliness that's not being spoken even with constant reminders to our children that we love them and they can tell us anything. It's awful.

Which is why it takes a twisted mind to mock bullied children in an effort to shame the victim of a cowardly assault carried out by a grown-ass man whose "team" she likes. And you'd think Laura Ingraham would know better.

The first word of her Twitter profile is "Mom."