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During the third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump made sure to accuse Hillary of not having the "stamina" to be president. He also reiterated, by the way, his claim that she didn't have "the presidential look" -- a not so subtle dig at the fact that we've never had a woman serve as president, therefore anyone resembling a woman can't possibly be presidential. The irony in both of these ad-hominem attacks is that Trump himself is neither presidential (his look or otherwise), nor does he have the stamina for the gig.

His first big overseas trip has been peppered with what some would consider to be "senior moments" -- in Trump's case, they're senior moments combined with his natural inability to know important things, like where he is and what he's doing. Indeed, his own staff characterized his disposition as "exhausted," and that was only on the second day of his trip.

So, first, Trump neglected to say the words "radical Islamic terrorism" during his address in Saudi Arabia. This was excused by his staff due to the aforementioned exhaustion. But that wasn't the end of it, nor was it anywhere close to being as egregious as what followed. 

Next, Trump moved on to Israel where he was relieved to report that he "just returned from the Middle East," even though he was still in the Middle East. (Israel isn't in Asia or Europe -- or maybe Trump thought the Middle East was the Arabian peninsula.)

On top of that gaffe, which triggered a major facepalm from the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., by the way, Trump inadvertently admitted that the intelligence partner who supplied us with the code-word classified information which Trump blabbed to the Russians was from Israel. Somewhere, the Israeli ambassador just facepalmed again.

And finally, when asked to honor the tradition of leaving a presidential message at the sacred Yad Vashem holocaust museum, Trump wrote in all caps: "“IT IS A GREAT HONOR TO BE HERE WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS — SO AMAZING & WILL NEVER FORGET!”

When then-Senator Obama visited the museum in 2008, he wrote an extensive letter containing carefully-worded and predictably eloquent thoughts. (Read Obama's note here.) Hillary Clinton's message was similarly meaningful. Old Man Biff's message, on the other hand, was more like a Yelp review -- a shitty one.

How much more of this horrendous behavior is the nation willing to accept? As John Oliver discussed this week on his HBO show, and as I've discussed before in terms of grading Trump on a drastic curve, he always manages to get away with it. Always. Whether it was his unforgivable criticism of John McCain for "getting captured"; or his mocking of Serge Kovaleski's disability, or his jihad against a Gold Star family (he didn't even know what a Gold Star family was); or, of course, his confession about grabbing women by their genitals without permission; or, yes, colluding with Russia to commit treason, as well as all of the attempts at a cover-up, Trump seems to get away with trespasses that, each one alone would've doomed every other presidential-level politician. 

And now all of this mind-blowing Middle East derp from the guy who claims he has "a very good brain."

It's long past time to hold this monster accountable. Not just for Russia, but for all of it. A creep of this magnitude must not be allowed to walk between the rain drops. Don't pay any attention to the leftists who are currently shaming the Trump-Russia speculation, and don't pay any attention to Trumpers who think every Trump fuck-up is nothing more than fake news. The Resistance has to succeed. There's no other option.