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Chances are you've heard the name Jerome Corsi before. He's been linked to many of the most ridiculous and, in some cases, offensive conspiracy theories around. We'll cover some of those theories momentarily. But we learned today that Corsi was able to somehow acquire day-pass press credentials for the White House. 

What does that mean? While he's not an official member of the White House press corps, he was able to get into the press room anyway by receiving the aforementioned day-pass, which he'll have to request every day, rather than having one permanent pass like most other correspondents.

And what's Corsi doing with his pass? He's apparently the new White House correspondent for Alex Jones and InfoWars. Yes, one of the A-list InfoWars goons will now be sitting in on press briefings and generally skulking around the West Wing, no doubt seeking new material for his growing menu of phony-baloney conspiratorial atrocities. Furthermore, Corsi's presence in the West Wing illustrates the further legitimization of fake news while Trump and his minion actively target legitimate news as fake. 

Actually, Corsi is beyond fake news -- his reporting is both toxic and ridiculous.

For example, Corsi became a household name in 2004 when he released his first book, Unfit for Command, in which he kicked off the completely bogus "swift boat" disinformation campaign against then-presidential candidate John Kerry. The book was entirely composed of miscellaneous falsehoods and easily disproved details about Kerry's Vietnam service -- all of which was orchestrated knowing that his Vietnam service would've otherwise helped Kerry win the 2004 election. Instead, Corsi and others hit Kerry's service in full force and it ultimately dragged down his campaign enough to provide a comfortable margin of victory for then-President Bush.

Corsi has also spent a lot of time accusing President Obama of being gay. Not that it'd be a problem if he was, but he's not. Corsi's also been on hand when Jones has accused Michelle Obama of being transgender.

And, of course, Corsi is responsible for the book Where's the Birth Certificate?

I think you get the idea. 

It seems redundant to repeat all of this, but Corsi is liar and a propagandist. Exactly nothing he's reported has held up to scrutiny. Politifact has only rated three of Corsi's claims, but, predictably, all three are either "False" or "Pants on Fire." Also, the first line in's review of Corsi's The Obama Nation (get it?) says everything you need to know about his mendacity and its twisted popularity: "Despite its place near the top of The New York Times’ nonfiction bestseller list, where it has been riding high for the past six weeks, Jerome Corsi’s "The Obama Nation" is not a reliable source of facts about Obama." (Emphasis mine.)

When I warn about the damage that's occurring with every passing day that Trump is president, this is partly what I'm talking about. If it's permissible for a flimflam artist like Corsi to enjoy the privilege of being in the White House press room, it devalues the free press and its efforts to deliver objectivity and accuracy. Who's next? Chuck C. Johnson with press credentials? InfoWars' Paul Joseph Watson who once claimed Common Core teachers were showing kids how to use dildos? Stay tuned.