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Trump Plans To Nuke Obamacare As Impeachment Looms

If Trump's going down, he clearly plans on taking us with him.
Donald Trump

In case America needed more evidence that Donald Trump is in pure "fuck it" mode after bragging to the press (and more recklessly, Russia) that he fired FBI Director James Comey for the express purpose of ending the investigation into Trump's alleged connections to Moscow, Politico reports that the president wants to stop making Obamacare subsidy payments against the surprising advice of every craven asshole surrounding him.

Many senior administration officials, including Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, are leery of ending the payments, however, because doing so could immediately unravel the Obamacare insurance markets and strongly discourage insurers from participating next year. Insurance companies in many states would be allowed to pull out of the Obamacare markets, which in many states already have scant competition.

Several polls show that the public would blame the administration and the Republican-controlled Congress if the markets collapsed.

If this is all sounds familiar, Trump made a similar threat back in April under the assumption that holding a gun to the head of American's health care coverage would force Democrats to negotiate. He eventually backed off to avoid a government shutdown on his watch.

But that was a simpler time when Trump wasn't an orange wrecking ball of carnage who can feel the noose tightening around his Putin-tickled neck-pouch. Now, he doesn't even give a whiff of a fuck about what anything looks like. Trump's stumbling from one impeachable offense to another and essentially waving a gun at anyone or anything in his path like a deranged villain who knows he's about to get his ass beat in the third act.

As of this post, the administration hasn't decided whether or not it will dramatically destabilize the Obamacare market that millions of Americans depend on to, you know, not die. But according to Politico, there's already an end-run being made to deter Trump's efforts before the Monday deadline.

Many of the country's most influential health care associations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday wrote to Senate leaders, warning them of massive coverage losses if lawmakers didn’t immediately rescue the subsidies.

“At this point," they wrote, "only Congressional action can help consumers."

And never mind. Our only hope is Congress. We're all dead.