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Mitch McConnell Continues to be an Insufferable Prick

His sole concern is that Trump is slowing down his agenda of selling America off to the highest bidder.

I wish I could live to be 143 because I desperately want to read history's judgement on the human insult to democracy that is Mitch McConnell (R-Hades). I can only conclude he will be remembered as one of the most corrupt, anti-American senators to ever sully the halls of Congress. If you think that's harsh, take a look at how he responded to Trump betraying national security to the Russians:

“I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things so that we can focus on our agenda,” Mr. McConnell said in an interview on Bloomberg Television on Tuesday morning, reflecting an increasingly frustrated Republican majority over the near standstill of any policy agenda in the wake of Mr. Trump’s many contentious statements.

Translation: We can't work on destroying the middle class and working poor with you disrupting everything 4 times a week!

Is McConnell concerned that Trump is in bed with the Russians? Is he concerned that Trump is bringing us to the edge of nuclear war? Is he concerned that the occupant of the Oval Office is a madman that's driving away our allies and destabilizing the world? 

No, no and no. Mitch McConnell the patriot is far too busy stripping health care from millions so he can give a trillion dollar tax cut to the rich. After that, he's going to be focused on repeal all of Dodd-Frank so Wall Street can pillage the economy again right before causing a new depression. Treason and shredding the Constitution isn't worth his time.

McConnell is everything that's wrong with the Republican Party. He is completely lacking in morality, compassion, ethics or even a modicum of loyalty to the United States. The only thing he seems to care about is removing anything that stands in the way of corporations consuming what is left of the country. And if he has to destroy the federal government to do it, that's just what will have to happen. It's not like the the rich (McConnell is worth around $22 million) will have to pay the price for tearing down the United States. Consequences are for the little people.

There are 539 days left to the 2018 elections.

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