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Trump's Supporters are Fueled by Pure Hatred and Nothing Else

We've known it for years but now the press is finally figuring it out, too.

In the last week, we watched an entire political movement collectively shrug its shoulders over the naked power grab that was the firing of FBI Director James Comey. At first, they tried to pretend it was because of something something Hillary's emails, but after Trump blithely admitted it was because Comey was putting too much effort into the Russia investigation, an open admission of obstruction of justice, they shrugged again. After all, what's a little federal felony when it makes liberals hopping mad?

There is a growing awareness in the media of something we on the left have known for the past 8 years: Conservatives have abandoned any and all core values, replacing them with a mindless focus on hurting everyone around them because they can't have it all.

Climate Change? It's not real even as their houses wash away in once in a century floods that seem to happen every other year now.

Healthcare? Get the hell out of here with that garbage! They'll happily lose their own coverage if it means repealing Obamacare.

Jobs? Let unemployment spike again as long as Trump brings back a few thousand coal jobs because fossil fuels make liberals angry.

It's a breath of fresh air to see some in the press finally acknowledge reality but it goes beyond just frustrating liberals. Visceral hatred is all the right has anymore. They know, deep in their bones, that they're about to lose their uncontested control of the country forever. They know that they have to share with all of Those People now and it's driven them insane. 

Pundits keep asking why Trump's voters continue to support him after he's broken almost all of his major promises. After all, he's allowed those around him to shape his foreign policy to match the neo-con dream of waging war on the planet. His economic policy is purely to benefit the 1% while inflicting massive harm on the rest of us. China is our buddy now because Ivanka needed some patents approved. Oh, and we won't be locking Hillary Clinton up any time soon.

But there's exactly zero mystery to why his support has such a strong foundation and it's the one thing the press will not discuss so far: Trump's followers love him because the promises he is keeping are the only ones they really care about.

An October 2015 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveals that as of 2012, 76 percent of federal prisoners serving sentences involving drugs were black or Latino. And that certainly isn't going to change. Sessions' order is an open invitation for federal law enforcement to go into minority communities and start rounding up people for the most minor drug offenses.

The facts are quite clear: Jeff Sessions is continuing his war on civil rights going back over 30 years. And he's not stopping with just voting rights.

On Tuesday during a speech, Sessions made it abundantly clear that he was no longer going to investigate racist police departments that violate the civil rights of minorities

Every night we sit in front of the nightly news on Univision and watch deportation story after deportation story. Every morning when I log on the computer to work, I see the faces of the latest casualties of Trump's war on immigrants. It is inescapable. Everything in our lives have suffered as a result of the unrelenting stress of living in a country where our family does not matter.   

That is why Trump's supporters don't give a damn about anything else he does. Corruption? Incompetence? Literal treason? None of that matters as long as Trump is putting the boot of the federal government on the throats of Those People and setting their communities on fire. There's nothing white conservatives love more than to see brown skin suffering. This is who Trump's supporters are. They're racist monsters so dedicated to getting revenge on Those People for daring to rise up and demand equal treatment that they'll set their own country on fire before allowing another one of Them to step foot in the White House.

Republicans are an entirely different kind of monster; they've sold themselves to the new borderless nation-states of the 1%, but the rank and file voters are simply consumed with rage. Until we stop pretending they're just angry about jobs or loss of opportunity or whatever bullshit excuse Chris Cillizza comes up with next, we're letting a pack of rabid dogs run loose in our neighborhood. The sooner we collectively understand them for the soulless, hate-filled domestic terrorists they are, the sooner we can stop them from destroying everything in a temper tantrum with no end.

More importantly, when we inevitably take power back from them, it is absolutely vital that there be no letting Trump supporters off the hook. Just like after their total and abject failure under George W. Bush, the 63 million people that voted Republican Trump will immediately announce that Trump was never a "real" conservative. Why, he wasn't even a Republican! 63 million people and all of their elected officials will suddenly develop amnesia, insisting they never ever ever supported Trump. Heck, they were Tea Party people all along, because that ruse worked once before so why not try it again?

To hell with that crap.

As Driftglass and Blue Gal of the Professional Left podcast put it, they'll head for the exit the second Trump falls and we have to weld the doors shut so they can't escape. If there's one thing the party of personal responsibility excels at, it's avoiding any and all responsibility for their actions. If we let them slither away from what they've done again, they'll just repeat the cycle of crashing the car, whining about the damage and then crashing it again. This only stops when we put them in a corner until they're grown up enough to act like adults.

There are 540 days left to the 2018 elections.

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