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Paul Krugman: Republicans are Aiding and Abetting Potential Treason

And they're doing it for the worst possible reason possible.

Paul Krugman, like all of us here at the Banter, cannot believe that the Republican Party that once impeached Richard Nixon is sitting on its hands while Trump engages in a sloppy and hamhanded cover up:

For generations, Republicans have impugned their opponents’ patriotism. During the Cold War, they claimed that Democrats were soft on Communism; after 9/11, that they were soft on terrorism.

But now we have what may be the real thing: circumstantial evidence that a hostile foreign power may have colluded with a U.S. presidential campaign, and may retain undue influence at the highest levels of our government. And all those self-proclaimed patriots have gone silent, or worse.

The "or worse" is the parade of Republican leadership uncritically defending Trump's firing of FBI James Comey. And again, like all of us at the Banter, Krugman has come to the conclusion that this aiding and abetting of what is almost certainly actual, real life treason comes down to nothing more than fulfilling their Ayn Randian agenda:

At this point, in other words, almost an entire party appears to have decided that potential treason in the cause of tax cuts for the wealthy is no vice. And that’s barely hyperbole.

How did a whole party become so, well, un-American?

How, indeed.

What makes all of this so nauseating is that Republicans are so clearly willing to throw the country under bus because they only people they answer to won't be affected by the damage they're doing to the fabric of the nation. I wrote about this a few weeks ago:

The 1% has been cut loose from such mundane cares as national pride or loyalty to one's country of birth and they effectively exist as political entities unto themselves. The conservative con artists that prize money over anything and everything else have voluntarily become the first citizens of these borderless nation states.

When the people you serve have a vested interest in weakening the federal government, having a potential traitor in the White House is a solution, not a problem. Right now, Republicans are more interested in inflicting massive pain on the average American to gift the rich with more money. I can only assume the calculation here is that when we get closer to the midterms, Republicans will "suddenly" discover they can't support Trump and this, combined with the massive voter suppression they're working on, will keep them in power.

But as our own Jeremy Fassler explained yesterday and Krugman reiterates today, the Republican Party has become a clear and present danger to the continuance of the United States as a stable and sovereign power. They either need to remember that they work for more than just the rich or they need to be utterly destroyed as a political force in America.

There are 543 days left to the 2018 elections.

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