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Trump Is So Freaked Out By Sally Yates He Changed His Goddamn Twitter Profile

If you want to know how badly the Sally Yates hearing made President Strongman piss his pants, just look at his Twitter profile.
Donald Trump Scared

Despite Republican efforts to make Monday's Senate hearing on Russia about everything but Russia, Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates ate so many lunches that Donald Trump not only went on a Twitter rant, but literally changed his Twitter profile like a fucking middle schooler.

So first, the rant. In which the President of the United States continues to refer to the fourth estate as "fake" because it has the audacity to do its job and inform the America public of the ever-flowing shitstorm pouring out of the White House every goddamn second of every goddamn day.

And while Donald Trump losing his shit on social media has become our new normal, even though it should terrify everyone to their very core each and every time it happens, he took things to a whole new level by changing the cover photo on his Twitter profile to this:

Donald Trump Twitter Profile Sally Yates

Keep in mind, that's Donald Trump literally quoting his own tweet. Not the expert opinion of anyone at the hearing, or an unbiased third party assessment, but Donald Trump's own words about Donald Trump.

For the record, Trump isn't presenting all of the facts here. For starters, Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he personally wasn't aware of any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. However, as CNN notes, Clapper also wasn't even aware of the FBI investigation into Trump until Comey announced it in March because guess what? James Clapper doesn't work for the intelligence community anymore, so of course he wouldn't know about any new evidence because it's fucking classified.

So either Trump is being willfully obtuse, or once again, he generally doesn't know how the hell anything works. And yet that didn't stop him from updating his Twitter profile with highly misleading information like he just got dumped before prom.

Even more ridiculous, if you visit Trump's Twitter page on a non-mobile device, the last line of the tweet doesn't even show up:

Donald Trump Twitter Profile Clapper Quote

Which means some poor staffer had to quickly slap this bullshit together so Trump could see it on his phone right away, or else he'd switch gears into full tantrum in the cereal aisle mode. Except nobody took the time to make sure this clearly epic own didn't look like absolute clown shoes on a regular browser that at least half of the internet still uses. It'd almost be hilarious if the same assholes who can't even update a Twitter profile correctly weren't also responsible for America's health care system.

Good luck sleeping tonight.