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Virginia Republican: ISIS Will Rob Your House In Broad Daylight If You Don't Vote For Me

When fearmongering goes hilariously wrong.

Conservative Republican Bryce Reeves (yes, that's how he introduces himself), wants you to be afraid, so very, very afraid. Did you know that Obama left the world so dangerous that terrorists in full military gear may be living right across the street from you? Or they may come to your nice, safe, aggressively white neighborhood and......rob your house? Because they hate us for our HD televisions. Or something. Also, something about sanctuary cities and supporting cops. The ad is so ridiculous it's amazing that someone signed off on it.

You've got your perfect suburban white mom with the groceries (so American!) and her two little white kids playing soccer (Gasp! Are immigrants brainwashing your children?!) being startled and terrified by ISIS/immigrants/burglars intruding on paradise and it's all Obama's fault! 

Scenario 1: Terrorists have been living across the street from you and decide to run out of their house dressed in terrorist cosplay, thus blowing their cover.

Scenario 2: Terrorists drove into the middle of a wealthy white neighborhood in the middle of the day, dressed in terrorist cosplay, to rob a house.

Scenario 3: The terrorists are fleeing to a sanctuary city and Bryce Reeves (Conservative Republican) is going to work with the police to stop them.

Scenario 4: Bryce Reeves (Conservative Republican) had to cram as many triggers into 30 seconds as humanly possible and made a hash of it.

I can only assume there's a 60 second version coming where the mom scoops up her kids and runs to hide them in the bathroom only to find a transgender woman waiting to molest them all while humming the theme to "Hamilton." Afterwards, the attack will be covered up by the liberal Jew media and its fake news.

Virginia elects its Governor, Lt. Governor, state delegates and other local office holders on June 13. Make sure you get out to your polling place and tell this jackass we're not buying his hate.

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