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Trump Actually Thinks China Used To Own North Korea (It Didn't)

The president of the United States puts his appalling ignorance on display again, insulting one of our closest allies in the process.
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Continuing his nonstop string of international gaffes based on blind ignorance, Donald Trump managed to deeply offend yet another one of our allies while making the world laugh even harder at us than it already was:

Donald Trump has been accused of “shocking ignorance” after stating that Korea used to be part of China after he met Chinese President Xi Jingping earlier this month.

Speaking in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr Trump said that Mr Xi “Went into the history of China and Korea … and you know, you’re talking about thousands of years … and many wars. And Korea actually used to be a part of China.”

Trump is no expert on Asian history and, to be fair, 99.9999% of Americans aren't, either. But those people aren't president of the United States with unlimited access to the smartest people on the planet. I don't expect Trump to know ancient Chinese and Korean history off the top of his head. I do, however, expect him to be smart enough to know that China's version of history will be self-serving and that mindlessly regurgitating it will piss off South Korea, the nice part of Korea that we need to corral the crazy part. Anyone with even the tiniest of working knowledge about that part of the world could have explained it had Trump bothered to ask.

But Trump is not smart enough to understand even that basic bit of diplomacy and he's not smart enough to ask smarter people about it because he feels deeply threatened by said smart people. Worse, he's surrounded himself with sycophants and enablers that actively avoid correcting him because they know even appearing smarter is a one way ticket out of Trump's favor. Just ask Steve Bannon.

And if you can believe it, that's not even the most dangerous part of this. The fact that the president of China was able to spend a few minutes with our president and fill his head with what amounts to Chinese propaganda that was taken at face value should freeze your soul. If I were the leader of a country, I would roll out the red carpet for Trump, with scantily-clad nubile virgins throwing rose petals at his feet. I would lavish him with compliments about how large his hands are, how handsome and virile he is and how he's much smarter and more manly than Obama ever was. Why, he might be the best and greatest world leader I have ever met!

By the time I was done, I would have access to all of america's military secrets and would be able to order American airstrikes on my enemies at will. Trump is that easy to manipulate. We as a country are that vulnerable to both our enemies and our allies.

With the election of Trump, Republican voters have smashed the knees of America with a sledgehammer. We may never be able to walk again and if we do, it will be with a limp we may never recover from. I cannot make this point strongly enough: America's right-wing has become an intolerable threat to the continued existence of this country and they have to be stripped of their power until they grow the fuck up.

There are 565 days left to the 2018 elections.

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