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Rachel Maddow Attacked by Greenwald Left For Too Much Reporting On Russia

Greenwald's "The Intercept" is deeply troubled that she's spending too much time covering the single largest story in American political history.
The face of the evil corproate media, maaaaaaan!

The face of the evil corproate media, maaaaaaan!

Glenn Greenwald's ostensibly liberal "The Intercept" is still hard at work trying to convince the world that the mountain of evidence piling up that Donald Trump is a puppet ("No puppet! No puppet!") of Vladimir Putin is fake news. Their latest target is, incredibly, Rachel Maddow who has put considerable effort into connecting the myriad dots into an increasingly hard-to-ignore picture. Why? Because The Intercept's Aaron Maté just isn't convinced the Russia scandal deserves this much attention:

While proof of collusion with Moscow could well emerge — and could well topple Trump’s presidency — the “above all else” focus on Russia lacks concrete supporting evidence, either of Russian hacking and cyber disinformation impacting the vote’s outcome or of the Trump campaign’s complicity with it. Journalist Matt Taibbi calls it “an exercise of conspiratorial mass hysteria.”

Lacking concrete supporting evidence didn't seem to stop The Intercept's breathless reporting on Hillary's mythical "corruption." But, you know, "Clinton Rules" rule when it comes to standards of evidence. 

Maté goes on to give a thorough analysis (with pretty charts!) that show Maddow has been devoting slightly more than half of her show to stories related to Trump's Russia scandal for the past several weeks. What a waste of time! Instead, Maté suggests, Maddow should be spending her time attacking, who else, the wicked and corrupt Democratic Party:

Given her political expertise, journalistic acumen, and influential platform, Maddow is ideally suited to explore the Democrats’ 2016 electoral collapse in an insightful way. But the time and investigative zeal that Maddow has devoted to Russia has come at the cost of any such analysis. 

Got that? Rachel Maddow should stop giving so much attention to the biggest story, bar none, in American political history: The theft of the presidency by a hostile foreign power, so she can beat up on the Democrats standing between us and Trump's fascism/treason.

There are not enough curses in the English language to express my loathing for the Greewaldian Hard Left. And I grew up in Brooklyn so I learned how to curse with my ABCs. "M is for monkey. O is Orange. P is for pissy little privileged hipster fucksticks high on their own insufferable purity."

The suggestion that Maddow is milking the Russia story for ratings is probably the most insulting part of an already insulting story. This is a woman who represents the best of the progressive movement and here is Greenwald's gaggle of hypocrites with their grandiose pretensions of moral superiority trying to put her in her place. 

But I get it, the hard left, after having helped bring about the election of Trump, is desperately trying to divert attention away from their complicity. Admitting that Russia did, in fact, successfully attack our election means admitting that they were Putin's useful idiots; gleefully spreading the anti-Hillary lies they were fed by Russian trolls. Some of the earliest push back against the Russia story during the campaign was from Greenwald himself and he's still going. A normal person would take a deep breath, castigate themselves for being a fool and vow to never fall for it again. But that would require admitting error and that's one thing the morally pure can never do. Instead, the hard left has resorted to attacking one of our best and brightest because she threatens to expose how they were duped. 

"Real" progressives know that Maddow should really stop paying attention to the scandal that will make the country long for the days we only had to worry about a president getting a blow job in the Oval Office or spying on his rivals. Moral superiority demands it.

There are 571 days left to undermine the Democratic Party and Rachel Maddow before the 2018 elections.

- This article kills fascists and pissy little privileged hipster fucksticks high on their own insufferable purity 

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