Man Attempting to Break Up Berkeley Riots With Can of Pepsi is the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now

The Pepsi Challenge lives on after the Kendall Jenner disaster.
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Youtube user Vito Gesualdi has produced the greatest thing on the internet right now. In an attempt to see whether Pepsi cola really can bring about world peace, as Kendall Jenner and Pepsi believed it could, Gesualdi went to the Berkeley protests armed with the soft drink and tried to spread the love. 

"People are fighting in the streets," says Gesualdi while driving in the car. "Violence, it's crazy. But luckily I recently watched a Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner uses Pepsi to basically heal the rift in our great nation. So before I get to the protests, I'm going to stop by Target real quick, pick up a couple of 12-racks and we're going to see if we can heal this divide".

The best part of the video can be seen here, when Gesualdi dives into a full blown fight between a leftist activist and a Trump supporter with a can of Pepsi. "I got to get in there!" he says to the camera before attempting to give the unruly rioters the can without getting walloped himself:

Here is the full clip including an amazing scene where Gesualdi tries to hand Pepsi to the riot police: 

The Pepsi challenge lives on!