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John Oliver: Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Shouldn't Help You Sleep At Night

These two are not your friends. Unless you're unrepentantly wealthy, hate minorities, and have an interest in seeing brown people in foreign countries bombed to shit.
John Oliver Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump

Last week, I wrote about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's efforts to make it look like their completely unprecedented roles in the administration are having a moderating effect on Donald Trump. When in reality, they simply found ways to make it look like he's not doing the shit-awful things he's actually doing. I've also covered the insane notion that Jared is responsible for peace in the Middle East along with the opioid crisis, government efficiency, and basically every single task that Donald Trump doesn't feel like doing because he's a mental patient who watches Fox News all day.

And yet none of that prepared me for the level of detail in which John Oliver spells out why Jared and Ivanka's presence in government shouldn't be a relief to anybody simply because the alternative was a gin-pouch full of racism named Steve Bannon. It turns out Ivanka is very good at manipulating assumptions to her advantage. For example, making Gayle King imply that Ivanka supports Planned Parenthood even though she said absolutely nothing about it. From Newsweek (emphasis mine):

To showcase this phenomenon of the media favorably filling in the blanks when Ivanka provides vapid answers about how she relates to her father, Oliver turned to Gayle King on CBS This Morning. When King asked Ivanka about how she disagrees with her father and what impact she will have on him, the daughter of the president offered no specfics, noting that "most of the impact I have, over time, most people will not actually know about." Later in the segment, when King was discussing the interview with Charlie Rose, she said she'd "guess" Trump and Ivanka differ on climate change and "certainly" on Planned Parenthood, even though Ivanka said no such thing.

In other words, as Oliver points out, “We may all be thinking Ivanka is doing a lot more than she actually is."

As for Jared Kushner, apparently very few people know a lot of about him, and when they do, he's mainly described as very quiet and went to Harvard. Which are not exactly sterling qualifications for essentially running the entire executive branch of the United States when you consider the fact that his admission to Harvard was dubious at best, and "doesn't talk a lot" isn't really indicative of anything. Although, in fairness, one can say it's preferable to Trump's level of talking, which is best described as "Holy fucking Jesus, this asshole is going to kill us all."

More damningly, the reticent Kusher is somehow fluent in tech buzzwords that mean absolutely nothing, which is probably one of the greatest epidemics facing America today. In an ideal world, anyone who uses the words "innovators" or "influencers" should be fired into the sun and never once have a role in our nation's government. I said it.