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In Loving Memory of Bill O'Reilly, Giant Asshole of Network News

"Fuck it, do it live! Fucking thing sucks!"
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Given we're unlikely to ever see wild boar impersonator Bill O'Reilly on the air again, we thought it fitting he be remembered the right way. So below is his greatest moment on television (although unfortunately for him, he didn't realize it was going to be broadcasted):

It was this amazing video that revealed O'Reilly's true nature for the world to see -- an unhinged bully who appeared to think nothing of aggressively abusing his staff and screaming bloody murder at the slightest provocation. While true that he wasn't much better on air, this moment on Inside Edition should go down as the definitive moment in his long and storied career. 

In case you missed all of his other glorious moments of unabashed assholishness, here's a nice little selection compiled by a conscientious Youtuber who selflessly captured O'Reilly's relentless war on decency and human empathy:

Part 2: 

We'll miss you Billo. The world is definitely a less hostile place now you're gone, but boy did you provide some great comedy.