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Welcome To Peak Stupid: Trump Is Now The 'Martin Luther King of Health Care'

In a week of unprecedented stupidity - even for this White House - Jeffrey Lord managed to climb to the top of Dumbass Mountain.
Donald Trump

On Tuesday, Sean Spicer pulled off the impressive feat of defending Adolf Hitler to the entire world while standing at a podium representing the United States of America. It took a stunning level of incompetence, and a breathtaking lack of awareness about basic facts or decorum, which has been this White House's calling card since the very first moment when Sean Spicer was wheeled out like a hostage victim and attempted to berate the press for "lying" about the size of the president's inauguration crowd. (They weren't.)

But these assholes were only getting started.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump taught Sean Spicer that nobody barrels into a topic they terrifyingly know jackshit about like the president, because here's the laundry list of items Trump smashed through like a puke-orange Incredible Hulk, but with tinier hands:

The name of the country he bombed not even a week ago. During an interview with Fox Business, Donald Trump literally couldn't remember the name "Syria," yet somehow he managed to fondly recall the piece of cake he ate while blowing up civilians, and then wouldn't shut up about it.

That whole North Korea thing. In another interview with the Wall Street JournalTrump revealed that he told Chinese President Xi Jinping that he'd give him a "great deal" on the current trade deficit if he could just go ahead and "solve the problem in North Korea." Then this happened:

"After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy," Mr. Trump recounted. "I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power over North Korea," he said. "But it’s not what you would think."

Just so we're clear, that's Donald Trump admitting that Donald Trump is a dangerous moron who's going to get us all killed.

How NATO works. Despite campaigning heavily that NATO was a "bad deal" and he'd use his non-existent negotiating deals (see above) to straighten things out, Trump suddenly declared in a press conference that NATO is cool and not "obsolete" because they focus on terrorism now. NATO has been involved in combatting terrorism since 9/11.

The fundamental natures of reality. In probably Trump's most brazen move that he genuinely has no idea - or worse, doesn't give a shit - how things like journalism, photography, time, or even basic human memory works, he attempted to distance himself from Steve Bannon by acting like he barely knows the guy. The architect of his campaign, and a dude who shows up in a hundred photos like this if you Google "Steve Bannon Donald Trump"

Donald Trump Steve Bannon

"Don, I'm keeping the baby."

Trump also basically threatened to fire FBI Director James Comey, which is always a smart thing to do while being investigated for colluding with a foreign power by an intelligence community that isn't fucking around and wants Trump to know it. But that was only a warm-up act for Trump openly admitting that he plans to deliberately sabotage Obamacare by withholding subsidy payments that will wreak havoc on premiums in the individual health care market.

From Talking Points Memo:

Trump said he believed that withholding the payments for insurers would bring Democrats to the table on negotiations.

“I don’t want people to get hurt,” Mr. Trump said. “What I think should happen—and will happen—is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating.”

Without delving into the finer details of how actively forcing Obamacare is probably an impeachable offense, that was the President of the United States making it abundantly clear that he's going to hold American's access to health care hostage. And for the record, people are absolutely going to get hurt, and possibly even die, all so Trump can keep pretending he doesn't have the negotiating skills of a toddler lying on the floor of the cereal aisle.

But while most rational people would look at the president's plan to hold a gun to America's head as a terrifying precursor for things to come, Jeffrey Lord had the balls to appear on CNN this morning and refer to Donald Trump the "Martin Luther King of health care." Somewhere, Sean Spicer just went, "Oh thank God," then consumed a small bubble gum factory.

From Raw Story:

“When I was a kid, the president [Lyndon Johnson] didn’t want to introduce the civil rights bill because he did not have the votes for it,” Lord explained. “Dr. King kept putting people in the streets in harm’s way to put pressure on for the bill to be put forward.”

Symone Sanders was not having it.

“Dr. King was marching for civil rights because people that looked like me were being beaten,” she shot back. “Basic human rights were being denied to these people merely because of the color of the skin. Let’s not equate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — a humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner — to the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump.”

Obviously, Symone Sanders is right. But it says something about the current state of our political discourse that it needs to be explained that Donald Trump preventing Americans from having access to affordable health care so Republicans can exact revenge on a black president is the antithesis of everything Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Jesus Christ, Trump appointed Jeff Sessions the United States attorney general - against the wishes of Martin Luther King Jr.'s widow - for the express purpose of rolling back police reforms that protect minorities. So calling Trump the "MLK of health care" is not only monumentally stupid, and tellingly racist, it bursts opens the door for illustrating just how horrible of a human being our president truly is by comparison. Well played, Jeffrey Lord.