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Mark Levin Accidentally Sums Up the American Right Wing in One Perfectly Depressing Tweet

He prefers his followers to be as uneducated as possible because the sheep are easier to fleece when they don't know any better.

I try not to write about single tweets because it lends itself to shallow articles. But every now and then a tweet comes along that speaks volumes about how broken and twisted America's conservative movement is and today, Mark Levin just laid it all out there in plain view:

"Forget about useless college courses on philosophy, politics, and economics." Take a moment to gaze in wonder at the very soul of conservatism. Say it out loud and see how it sounds. Does it sound like a call to be a better citizen? Does it sound like a summons to aspire to greatness? Or does it sound like the rallying cry of a movement that can only exist in the vacuum where knowledge and truth and critical thinking once existed?

In this one perfect tweet, Mark Levin explains the business model of the right wing. The Great American Unlearning is in full swing and there are millions of suckers waiting to be fleeced by con men like Levin. But it's not just enough to preach bullshit to the faithful, you have keep them as dumb as possible to keep the scam going. This is why conservatives loathe both public and higher education. A generation of home schooled theocrats would be a, excuse the phrase, Godsend. Pricing higher education out of the reach of the middle class will leave them unequipped to recognize the grift that is conservative ideology.

It's all right there: philosophy, politics and economics. Even a rudimentary understanding of those three areas would leave a person unable to ignore the inherent worthlessness of modern conservatism to the average American. Sure, it's great if you're rich but not so much if you're merely middle class. Or poor. Or black. Or a woman. Or an immigrant. Or Muslim. Or LGBT. And on and on and on.

Levin is pimping his latest screed "Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism", the conceit being that he holds the secret to being a "good" American. But only a person that despises this country would want a population to be ignorant of civics or how the economy works under the guise of being a "real" patriot. But that's the point, isn't it? Levin, like so much of the conservative entertainment complex, is only out to make money and if he has to hurt the country to do it, that's the price everyone else has to pay for him to line his pockets.

It's unlikely that the undertone of Levin's tweet was deliberate, I simply can't credit him with being that self-aware, but on an unconscious level, he gives away the game; an America educated is an America on guard and there is very little fertile ground for a political con artist in such a country. 

There are 557 days left to the 2018 elections.

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