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Obama is Back to Teach New Generation of Democrats How to Win

The left's greatest weakness has always been youth engagement. Getting them properly activated would be a game changer.
Obama comeback

On Monday, former president Barack Obama finished his vacation and gave Donald Trump the best news he's heard all week: His predecessor is getting back into politics to build a movement:

“I'm spending a lot of time thinking about: ‘What is the most important thing I can do for my next job?’” Obama said on Monday, in his first public remarks since leaving the presidency on January 20.

Obama ticked through a whole host of problems he might make his first priority before identifying what he said will be his No. 1 task in the years ahead — giving young Americans the tools to “to take up the baton” as leaders in politics and business.

Trump must be thrilled to no end about this. The opportunity to scare his white nationalist base with their ultimate boogeyman again will go a long way to getting them to forget what a inept leader he is. But because Trump is a very stupid person, he's ignoring the existential danger this represents.

Vox helpfully points out that Millennials do not support Trump. By a lot. Millennials are more diverse and much more tolerant, making them the natural enemies of Trump's white nationalist agenda. A surge of young liberal politicians nurtured by Obama would be a nightmare for Republicans long after Trump is forced out of the White House sometime later this year (a man can dream, can't he?).

Right now, Republicans are enjoying watching Bernie Sanders do the same thing but using anger instead of hope. Bernie rails against the establishment, especially the Democratic Party, with every other breath. The end result is that he's widening a divide instead of promoting unity in the face of actual, real life fascism. Bernie true believers will sit out the midterms because something something "corrupt Democrats." Truly, this is a winning strategy. For Republicans.

But Obama is almost supernaturally good at inspiring voters, much more so than Bernie (or Hillary for that matter) and across a much larger spectrum of the electorate. While Bernie does not speak particularly well to the issues of minorities and, more recently, women, Obama speaks to them all, making him a perfect rallying point for aspiring politicians looking for a message greater than "I hate Trump and the Democrats, vote for me!"

We'll know how threatened Republicans feel by how much effort they put into attacking the former president. I expect there will be a lot of rage coming from the right and that should be a sign he's on the right track. A corollary to this will be how loud the razzing from the hard left is. The more Glenn Greenwald and his followers complain about Obama, the more they fear that Obama is interfering with their "burn it all to the ground" agenda. S 

There are 559 days left to the 2018 elections.

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