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New Poll: 73% of Republicans Ready to Blame Democrats For Trump's Incompetence

"The party of personal responsibility."
the blame game

As the party newly in power, Republicans have the Senate, the House, the White House and a very compliant Supreme Court. They have everything they need to pass their first budget. Well, almost everything. One of the most important things necessary to pass a budget and have it signed by the president is the ability to govern like adults and that is in short supply in Republican politics these days.

But everyone knows this already and that's why Republicans voters are all set to blame the Democratic Party when the upcoming budget fight turns into yet another disastrous failure like Trump/Ryancare. We know this because Quinnipiac's most recent polling shows an astonishing 73% of Republicans are ready to blame anyone except the party that controls all the levers of power.

We have all the power but it's still your fault!

We have all the power but it's still your fault!

Depending on how the budget is written, Republicans don't need a single Democratic vote to pass it. The 2016 budget passed with 51 votes in the Senate and it couldn't be filibustered. So when (not "if", when) Republicans screw this up, it's going to be fascinating watching them blame the Democrats for their own train-wreck.

It's going to be even more fascinating to watch since, just like with Trump/Ryancare, Paul Ryan will not bother to get any input or buy in from the other side of the aisle. As a raging ideologue, Ryan will want to push the most extreme bill he can. And he'll have to or the House Freedom Caucus won't sign off on it. Hell, unless it strips all funding from Planned Parenthood, widows, orphans and stray kittens, they might not vote for it anyway. It's not fiscally conservative enough unless at least 30 million people are left destitute, you see.

But any budget extreme enough to get pass the HFC will be incredibly toxic to Senate Republicans, particularly ones that have to run for re-election next year. Combined with Trump's still historically low approval ratings, it seems unlikely Republicans will want the extra albatross around their neck. Fox News, AM Hate Radio and the right wing blogosphere will scream about how the Democrats wouldn't vote for the budget, of course, but the answer to that is simple: "Republicans needed 50 votes to pass their own budget. They control 52 seats. Fuck you."

In the end, none of this will matter to Republicans voters. They're so firmly entrenched in their bubble of unreality, they'll actually believe Democrats are the bad guys for not voting for a budget that will go against every thing they stand for. And the ones that don't believe it will still be mad at the left for not giving Trump the win he so desperately needs.

And should Republicans get their act together long enough to push through the kind of cruel and sadistic budget they long for? One that hurts Republican voters just as much, if not more, than liberals and Those People? Well, that 73% that's so anxious to blame the Democrats will find an excuse to blame them for their suffering as well. Someone has to be responsible for everything bad resulting from electing idiots and ideologues to run the country and, by golly, it won't be the people that did the voting!

There are 564 days left to the 2018 elections.

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