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Donald Trump Jr's Impassioned Defense of His Father is the Saddest Thing Ever

Poor Donald Trump Jr. is not happy about all the nasty protestors.
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Poor Donald Trump Jr. is not happy with his father's detractors and took to the airwaves to call them out for working against America's best interests. According to a clearly exasperated Jr., protestors are "rallying against what makes sense for America" and not taking into consideration the majority of citizens who voted for his father (that is if you discount New York and California, which are apparently in a different country). Watch his little rant on Fox News: 

What makes sense for America is clearly subjective here -- if by trying to boot millions of Americans off of their health insurance, gutting the environmental protection agency, dismantling public education and starting World War III is in the country's best interest, then Jr. has a point. However, if turning the country into a banana republic perpetually at war with the rest of the planet and owned by billionaires isn't your cup of tea, it is safe to say that Trump Jr. is talking out of his ass. 

Like father, like son.